Monday, 28 March 2016

The Cypra Incident, Scenery WIP

Hey all,

Bluddtoof here with a quick update on my work on the scenery set for mission 2 of our upcoming narrative campaign.
I've now completed the build of the fencing (20 uprights with various configurations of panel supports and a total of 14 panels, 3 of which are ruins and a set of hinged gates) and have started on the first watchtower.
Here's a few pics of the tower ....

The first 3 are the balsa carcass in progress and the last 3 are with the watchtower complete with a basic roof and with some fencing in a couple of possible configurations.
The issue now is whether I leave the tower as is and paint it, in which case the grain will show, or I'm considering plasticard cladding to simulate metal, complete with rivets. The second option will look far better but will involve a lot more work and this is tower 1 of 4! I'll make that decision tomorrow I think. One thing I will change is the mesh flooring on the other towers; I'll not cut out the central hole in future, it doesn't really show once occupied and limits model placement, a full mesh floor with a hatch will be better.

More to come soon, as ever comments welcome...



  1. This looks great, and the design allows multiple layouts when in use. I agree think the inner floor area should cover the whole space as more models can fit on the tower. Thanks for putting these together looking forward to seeing the painted stage.



    1. Nearly at painting. That'll be next step, before building any nor towers.

  2. as an ork building it can be painted as if it is made of wood, then the metal panels can be "bolted" on later if you have time.

    looks good so far