Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ho Ho Ho Horus Heresy - Pre Heresy Death Guard, Back to the start again now go....

Hi All,

So as I said in the launch post I will be focussing in on my Death Guard.  I have already had 3 or 4 false starts on this army and I still don't have the paint scheme down in particular and it keeps evolving as techniques, equipment and the amount of time I have changes.

So thinking we aim to play our first heresy game the first thing is to try and get a use-able force i reckon.  At this stage I have Typhon built, a couple of praetors, 5 death shrouds, 1 fully painted mortis pattern contemptor dread and a load of infantry a various stages.

First thing I think I need lots of infantry that's how I envisage death guard.   I already had some built, a few painted and so on.  However, with the introduction of 32m bases I think marines look so much better on these size bases so I decided as my starter to this years work I would re base what I have onto 32m's.  I also decided to base my rapier to match it all together.

A few pics....

Legion Tactical Marines

Converted Sargent

Legion Heavy Support Squad

Based Rapier

Breacher Marine Bodies

So this is my progress thus far.  You can see a couple of painted models within this collection. However, the method I have used to paint the models so far is really slow and time consuming.  With the purchase of an air brush I intend to try a couple of alternative methods to see if I can speed up the process.

The two methods I am going to try are:

Wash recesses
Details and other colours


Wash recesses
(probably need white again)
Details and other colours

I will have to wait and see how this compares and whether or not this cuts down the three or 4 coats of white I was doing by hand.  The critical stage is the recess wash if I can be tidy with it less additional stages will be needed. Any thoughts people of the tinternet or code folk?

Remember all its HO HO HO Horus Heresy this Christmas...

Thats all for now folks

Doc Out.


  1. Looking good there!

    I prime red in white, added all the other colours, then washed he whole lot in thinned seraphim sepia for that bone coloured look (there's nothing clean about the Death Guard let's face it!)

    That system has worked for around 80 marines of various classes and a load of vehicles!!

  2. Thanks Tim I thought about the all over method but I am still very keen on white armour not bone. Although i might lose the will to live at this rate. Cheers


  3. I would seriously consider oil washes.
    Prime white, basecoat burnt umber for shadows, zenithal highlight white over the top. Then spray with gloss varnish, burnt umber oil wash all over. Then take a cotton bud dipped in thinners and clean up all the armour. Apply weathering and finish rest of model as normal then spray with Matt varnish to seal it all in. I reckon that would be seriously quick and have a great finish.

    1. You can use a sepia wash instead/as well as if you prefer the recesses to be a bit lighter or to have more tone. The reason oil washes are great is that they have a longer dry time and by using thinners even when dry you can still clean up mistakes.