Sunday, 29 November 2015

Review of the year....and obviously more marines

I’m going to discuss a little about my hobby experiences throughout the year.

Gaming: this year I have managed to play 12 games. I don’t think that 1 a month is too bad. I would like to play more, but I am not interested in playing at my local clubs and my usual local gamers like myself have very busy “normal” lives, so I don’t see this amount of games increasing next year.
I have now started to move house to a larger place. Hopefully in the course of the next few years I will be able to create a geek palace which allows me to have space for a permanent gaming area. My new place should offer slightly more space for my models but I think it is initially unlikely that they will have permanent place.
Painting/modelling: this year I have been pretty productive. I have managed to paint a range of squads and paint some of my terrain. I have been a member of a forums tale of painting which has focused me on painting at least 1 unit a month.
I have a set monthly budget for models and this year I have stuck to it well.  I have purchased most of the stuff I want to with only a few odds and sods not yet purchased (new data cards for scars and raven guard). I tried to do a log like doc where painting models unlocks money for new ones. Using a pretty similar scoring system to him I only managed to paint 50% of the money I spent. Maybe I should just double the points for each model painted!
This year I have done 2 new things, I have started my first knight and painted from scratch a large marine vehicle (Stormraven). Both of these are great models and I feel more comfortable painting them now.
Anyway here are some pics:

Another squad (2/5) of centurions

Stormraven just awaiting transfers

The start of the knight

Looking ahead to 2016. Hopefully I can clear my back log of models. I did a reasonable job this year and managed to clear 30-40% of stuff I had at the beginning of 2015. I need to go back and tidy up my battle company with correct shoulder pad markings and chapter insignia. This may take a bit of time but I think it will be worth doing.

I’ll sign off now as I need to prepare for the Code's special December treat for you all.

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  1. Nice Dave.... Good to see the centurions rolling off the production line. Sensible targets and you appear to do much better at sticking to them than I do. Good luck with the new house and geek area!