Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Showcase; Thunderbolts Space Marines Stormraven and Strike Force Ultra.

Hi all,
Bluddtoof here with a showcase of my recent additions to my space marine chapter; the Thunderbolts.
With the new codex came some tasty new formations; the one that really jumped out at me was the Strike Force Ultra.
I absolutely love terminators and dreadnoughts and with a special rule called Force of a thunderbolt it was an easy sell really!
I had a game planned with Doc a few weeks in advance so I wrote a 2k list including a Knight ally and ordered myself a stormraven; the only model I didn't own yet. I also needed to paint up an extra squad of terminators.
So here's a few pics of the stormraven and the completed army....

That's it for now, c and c welcome as always, next project is a scenery set for the group. Future post to come on that.