Thursday, 13 August 2015

Showcase Necron Canoptek Artillery - Gauss Exterminator

Hi All,

DOC here to showcase my new Necron Canoptek Artillery piece.  I haven't built or painted anything for crons for ages.  In fact I don't think me or red have for a while.  So a little background on our crons....

We collect the army between us as we have gamed together since the late 90's and the army is massive!  Check back through the blog with Necron tags to get an idea.  The advantages of being such a large army and having basically all the options is you can ride codex changes.  For example the previous codex required heavy use of Necon Lords and Crypteks.  So they got a lot of use whilst tomb blades never got a run out.  This has reversed now.  We are pleased that we can just roll this army out when we want to and be ready to go.

In fact we have a game lined up this Friday against Tom Baker and Innermech the Dark Angels code players which I am looking forward to.  We might even battle report it watch this space.  So despite this massive army we still have more to do for the crons mainly on the forgeworld front.

We still have a Necron Night Shroud Bomber to finish, Tomb Sentinal and a Tesseract Ark to build and paint (my bad sorry red!).  I think we would like to purchase an obelisk between us at some point as well.

Anyway onto the model itself.  First thing I'm worried about is it being very fragile (well it wouldn't be a necron model if it wasn't) In particular where it attaches to the base.  See picture 3 below the thin slot on the base holds up the rest of the structure.  We shall see how it lasts if it breaks I may remove the space between the two sections and pin in multiple places.  In fact the model is full of pins all the feet.... well actually all the pieces are drilled and pinned.

For the paint job I stuck to the colour scheme we have used up to now and was pleased when I opened up the mixed pot of grey paint I made up for this project and it was still usable after a good 2-3 years!  Painted pictures of the finished model are below:

Hope you like although not the most exciting model I think it fits well with the cron design ethic.  Another 10pts on the board!  Comments are always welcome.



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  1. Looks great! I always like the FW necron pieces. Barely ever see them!