Monday, 18 May 2015

Showcase; Imperial Knight Errant Freeblade

Hi All

Here are some pictures of my completed (almost) Imperial Knight Errant Freeblade. I say almost because I've still got some weathering to do yet. He'll have a mix of snow, ice and icicles eventually. I'm waiting on delivery of some bits and bobs I've ordered to do that. Once they arrive and I get it done I'll post finished pictures.
Meanwhile here's pics of the finished paintjob....

As you can see I've added Thunderbolts iconography and colour to the right shoulder guard to signify the knights current allegiance, I'll maintain this across all my future knights, all of which will be freeblades. All my knights will represent freeblades who have been attracted to the forge world protected by my space marine chapter, The Thunderbolts, an Iron Hands successor chapter. You can find a great many posts about my Thunderbolts Chapter of Space Marines in this bogs' archives.
I'm well pleased, this was a major project for me; not the biggest model I've done, that would be my scratch built Big Mek Stompa, but by far the most detailed and complex on such a large scale. In comparison the Stompa has a much more basic finish with significantly less detail.
With regard to the new techniques I've tried, I'm pleased; the OSL behind the visor hasn't quite worked but it hasn't been the disaster it could have been, more practice needed on that. The base has worked really well and I'm now completely sold on the idea of putting as much effort into the base as the figure. My work on the Eldar Corsairs has reinforced that for me, see them here.
The freehand vines and thorns I like and am really pleased with; I'll be going back to my Hornet to do some freehand work on that as soon as I've decided on the iconography for the band.
I hope you like this, please feel free to give C and C as usual.



  1. Wicked AWESOME Bluddtoof! Glad to see this guy finally reach the end stage!

    My CC for this project would mainly be...

    1) Green and yellow hoses look a bit out of place due to their vibrancy. Maybe dull them back with some washes? (also add some definition to the ridges

    2) The base looks great, but I'd like to see a bit of integration into the knights feet. He'd kick up snow while he was walking and get it on his feet/lower legs.

    Those are just nit picking critiques though!

  2. Thanks Greg, once my order form antics arrives I'll be getting on to the weathering, which will include as you say snow and dirt up the legs and settled snow on the carapace as well as a few icicles hanging beneath the carapace and shoulders. There'l also be some soot work on the exhausts and thermal cannon barrel.

  3. Awesome! Looking forward to it!!

  4. Right then lets see if this works... My 2nd attempt at commenting that is.

    Firstly the finish is exceptional for hand painting the free hand work is crazy good. Other things I like it is in your style in your face colours and there is nothing wrong with that. They could probably line up 50 knights and without me knowing which was yours I suspect I would pull it out! All good artists do there own thing.

    I also really like the gun and glowing orange in the barrel. I too agree with Greg to a certain extent about the base it would be nice for greater interaction between the model and the base. However, I also know that the legs aren't actually that po-sable.

    He will go very nicely with the Thunderbolts and I like the tie in idea on the shoulder pad one which I might unashamedly steel!

    Overall exceptional and I look forward to seeing it in the flesh in a few short weeks



    1. Cheers Dude,
      Steal away. It'll look better once I've done the weathering, should tone it down a tad and blend it into the base.
      I don't think I'm psychologically capable of painting in muted tones!
      As for posability I'm in the process of building Knight number 2; the Magaera, which is based on the plastic chassis. I've chopped the legs a bit, my intention was to have him staepping up onto a rocky outcrop, using his claw to grab a rock spire on the way up. It's relatively easy to cut the leg at the knee joint and use green stuff to recreate the spacer with the lower leg at a new angle, but there's a physical limit created by the hose mounting at the rear of the thigh and also with the crotch piston position.
      You're also limited on the right leg as it is moulded to be set back with the ankle leaning forwards, hard to change that, doable but you'ld have to alter all the right leg pistons by extension somehow.
      What I've achieved is a pose with the left leg forward as far as the bits allow but bent at the knee so he's in mid stride with the foot raised and angled toe down.
      he'll be stepping off a rocky outcrop with his claw smashing a rock spire aside.
      I'll post when I've got the base modelled fully and all the sub assemblies are primed.