Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Forgemas 14: Sevrin Loth and Honour Guard Part 2

I have completed the base coats of the main colour areas and done some of the shading on the yellow. Unfortunately I thought I had taken more photos throughout the painting process, but I can only find these 3.

Here is Loth.

I am happy with the way the armour is going. I may need to but a thin blue glaze over it to tone it down. I am always worried that my highlights look too much so I normally ER on the side of caution. This time I am going a bit brighter to see how it works.

The honour guard are also going well. My only criticism of the kit is that the legs are a bit plain. Maybe GW will upgrade the command squad kit or release a specific honour guard kit which has a bit more blingy models. I know the current standard kit is available but that is specifically Ultramarines.

Finally I have started the banner.

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  1. Banner is looking great! Models look good as well, but parts are a bit out of focus, so hard to see. Still progressing nicely though!