Wednesday, 20 August 2014

August Annihilation - Worcester Wargames

Hi All,

Doc here to talk about an event I helped run for Worcester Wargames August Annihilation a 1500pt Swiss System 40k tournament.  This was the first event I had been involved in since 7th came in.  We decided to let everything in and follow the rules laid down by GW.  This meant we had knights, a titan and forgeworld galore.  Overall I think it worked on the whole.  I think the titan is a different matter and maybe still overpowered.  Most of knights across the tables seemed to be handled.

Before I get onto the results I want to talk about the rules pack a little.  Over the years I have tried many different methods of getting a fair overall result.  In this event we used a simple scoring system of 10pts for a win, 3pts for a draw and 0 for a loss.  We then used the total sum of the vp's to decide ties.  As you will see in the results we had a couple of ties which the VP's sorted.  The element that really decided however, was the painting points....

No Models are painted within the army.
At least two units are fully painted to 3 colour minimum standard and based
The whole Army is painted to 3 colour minimum standard
As above, plus bases are themed. Units markings and transfers applied.
As above, painting standard includes clear shading and highlighting.  Includes at least one conversion
As above, Blows our mind.  Includes extra techniques such as freehand, weathering and Object Source Lighting

The table above shows the scoring system we used to decide painting points.  Myself and Andy scored every army based on the table above and agreed on every army except one.  An average of the two scores was then added to the players overall score.  This granted up to an extra 5 gamer points meaning players could then score between 0 - 35 pts and then Vp's would be used to decide ties.  I the end the painting points decided the event.  Player 1 and 2 both won all 3 games.  However player 1 scored a 5 for painting and player 2 a 3.  I'm not sure if I am comfortable with painting deciding the event.  It is after all a gaming event not Golden Demon.  On the other hand it is also a major part of the hobby.

Ok on to the final results:

A downloadable version is available here for those who would like to save it for prosperity.  Next I would like to ask some feedback questions and would ask people to comment below their responses?

1. Titans Yes or No?
2. Painting Points Yes or No?
3. Use Maelstrom Missions Yes or No?

The 40k event held in Worcester will be our own Worcester War 3 and this post wouldn't be complete without a shameless plug.  If you want to read all about it please go the announcement post here.  I am certainly looking forward to it as I come out from the organisers position to take part.

That's all from me folks please comment and help make future events better!




  1. i would like to see malestorm missions then it allows people to bring unbound lists.
    i have found these games far more fun and far more tactical as your army needs a bit of everything to be able to get the missions.
    i would also say yes to titans as at 1500 if you ant to take a slow moving 500pts of unit then it will not be bale to get the objectives.
    while i love to see only fully painted armies on the tables i am not a biog fan of scoring them as painting is subjective. i think stricter enforcement of "painted" armies, where you loose points if they are not painted. or if you are going to give points for painted it should be extra VP's rather than WIN points, so it really only comes in to play as part of the tie breaker not as deciding

  2. I agree that Maelstrom should be used, the extra variety is very welcome and the nature if the objectives, though a little random, means that you can't afford to just camp, and also you need to build flexible lists.
    Gaining points from painting is a bad idea, just cos you can paint shouldn't give you an advantage over a potentially better player, painting should be kept as a separate competition. However I do think it's ok to apply a small points reduction for people who've not made any effort to paint an army IF you want to encourage people to bring good looking armies, if you don't care then don't penalise.
    I also think that you should allow super heavies, the rules set allows for it and they're not as indestructible as they used to be.
    Also with clever play you can outscore an opponent who's fielded a SH with the maelstrom missions.
    One option would be to say that SH CANNOT EVER SCORE OR CONTEST an objective. They use a lot of points up and with the exception of Warhounds they're not overly destructive. I say let em slide and see what happens.
    I definitely don't think unbound is a good idea in a competition, the scope for cheesy overkill is too much and will likely spoil the event for many players.
    I'd keep unbound for friendly fluffy games or pre engineered story based campaigns and games.