Saturday, 11 January 2014

Worcester War preparation

4 weeks today I will be driving over to Worcester to defend my title I won at WW1.
Since then a new marine codex has been released. Additionally forgeworld have released chapter traits for all their chapters. So much choice to choose from.
So which do I choose?
Well I have had a good think and I am going to go with a bike army. The new codex has significantly reduced the cost of bikes, so much so that compared to the 5th edition list I can get 4 squads of bikes rather than 3.
I have already got painted 3 squads and a captain. I have enough bits to make 2 further squads of bike, but I did not have enough bits so that they would fit in with a ravenwing theme like the others. The joy Of collecting marines is that they can be used in multiple ways.
So a quick purchase on eBay for loads of  ravenwing bits and I was ready..... Until I remembered grav guns. I needed 2 for a squad so 2 boxes of sternguard were bought too!
Here is the fourth squad built up. Some are still waiting for their bolters

And here are the grav gunners converted from DV plasma gunners

Finally my initial list is still a few points short, what could I use to fill it......scouts seemed a but boring and not sure how I would use them but a librarian on a bike....
Here is the guy I would base the model around

And in half

And finally on a bike

So I have a bit of painting to do but nothing as much as previous years. One final point is that I am basing all my attack bikes on 60mm bases.

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  1. Librarian on a bike, amazing! I can't recall seeing one done, very unique and should be very useful with all those powers and the mobility.