Sunday, 4 November 2012

A New Hope

Hi All

I've been collecting and painting my space marine chapter, The Thunderbolts, for about 10 years now. In all that time I've amassed a lot of models, most of which are built but unpainted as I am continuosly flitting from one project to another. Several years ago I bought a drop pod army but never got round to getting it done, so I've played a variety of vehicle and infantry lists over the years with reasonable success but always in the back of mind was the idea that if only i had more pods built I could field that list I've always fancied. With next years tournaments just around the corner and  with the new rules in mind I've written a new version of the drop pod lists I want to try and have started painting the models I'll need to fill it.
First up is a new commander, a mighty hero of the chapter who will lead them to inummerable victories over the forces of darkness!! (or at least I hope so)
This will be my Chapter Master (counts as Pedro Kantor) enabling me to field the awesome Sternguard Veterans as scoring units, should be able to drop on or near an objective, clear it with Pedros help and their cool ammo options and then also move in and hold it. (best laid plans and so on....)
Anyways, more to come in later posts revealing my new list ideas, for now here are a few pics of the finished Chapter Master (yet to be named) counts as Pedro Kantor.
The banner is my second attempt at hand painted and I'm pleased with the result.
As usual all comments and critiques are welcome.

Boss Bluddtoof



  1. Dude, in your words hes sweet!! Love the banner and the helmet fairplay


  2. Nice banner, great freehand, really difficult to get right well done mate.

  3. nice conversion. love it. Sternguard and Pedro nice combo, I have had good results with Sternguard and Lysander (giving them re-rolls). and drop pods, YES!