Saturday, 26 February 2011

Too excited to sleep

...Yes, I always get like this the night before I go away to play a weekend of 'Toy Soldiers'

usually it's because I have oodles of painting still to do (yes, even at this late hour!) However this year, I have been slightly more organised!

There is a tabletop paintjob in place, and I've even had a practice game (or two!)

For the record, Stompnutz' Stompamob took on 'The Immortal Souls', two games played at 1500 and 2000 points respectively. My opponent played a cool game and made me run towards him, braving the wall of lascannon shots that he threw my way, however, in the end, the sheer number of Walkers was too much for even the Heroic Ironclad Dreadnaught (who personally accounted for 2 Dreads, 1 Meka Dread and 5 Kans - over the course of the two games ) to deal with, and the Stompamob ran out 6-4 and 7-3 winner in KP. (Praise to Gork... or possibly Mork!)

This is a vast improvement on last year. I was still painting at 3am, had no practice games, and consequently, turned up absolutey shattered, and inexperienced with my army (and with the exception of one tau opponent who I drew with, got thoroughly thumped all weekend long!)

It's actually a key point to enjoying your weekend, after all, you've prepped for weeks, have probably begged borrowed or stolen a get-out-of-jail-free card from the boss, and are without doubt, spending your hard earned cash on the travel, food, possibly a hotel room, and drinks (a key part of any toy soldier weekend!) on enjoying yourself.

so do yourself a favour, and try to be better prepared than I was both last year and this year, and finish the week before...

... or better yet, do a blue Peter and go with one you made earlier!

(and with all that said, I'll bid Luko Dakka a goodnight, as I suspect he is still painting!)

Onwards to SVA XI Glory my friends!!!

and May 'The Code - Bad Guys' come out victorious!

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