Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Lucius Dreadnought Drop Pod Incoming (and some friends)

Hello all.


My Lucius Pattern Drop Pod is done...........Phew!!!

In all honesty I actually quite enjoyed painting it, so much so that the first thing I'll paint for my next project; my 3000pt or so drop pod force for 40k and an Orbital Strike Force for Apocalypse, will be a fix-it job on my original attempt at the Lucius. This will comprise stripping the old paint job (any advice on this front would be most gratefully recieved) re-pinning and a new paint job.

The issue was the models weight; I couldn't hold the model without damaging the finish so in order to get the clean white finish on those external panels, which are all around it and which is always the last colour I apply to all my Thunderbolts models, I propped the model securely on its side with one face thus horizontal. I then applied one coat of thinned white, over a base coat of space wolves grey, to the uppermost panels only( don't be tempted to paint an angled surface or the paint runs and pools) then left this to dry(about 20mins), then a second and third and fourth coat similarly applied and left to dry.
I've spent 2 days doing this and played a lot of DDO in the drying times!!
The finish fits with the rest of the army, with the nice off blue tinge behind the white.

Below are a couple of pics of the finished product in situ with the completed 2000pt force.

And here are some pics of the force;

So there it is; my fist objective done. Good job really or I'd have had a problem this weekend!!

My 2000pt force is

Captain in terminator armour with thunder hammers
5 assault terminators with thunder hammers
Landraider Redeemer with multimelta, hkm and extra armour
5 terminators with a heavy flamer and chainfist
10 tactical marines with missile, powerfist, plasmagun and teleport homer
Razorback with lascannons and stormbolter
10 tactical marines with multimelta, powerfist, meltagun and teleport homer
Razorback with lascannons and stormbolter
Venerable Dreadnought with assault cannon, heavy flamer and extra armour
Lucius pattern drop pod
Whirlwind x2
Predator with autocannon, heavy bolters and stormbolter

Fairly balanced and it will be pitted against 5 unknown opponents all with 'EVIL' forces so a mix of Chaos Daemons, Chaos Marines, Dark Eldar, Orks, Necrons maybe, Tyrranids and mybe Tau or Eldar

Anyway positive mental attitude and all that.......



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