Monday, 19 April 2010

Okay, a Fly-by posting for now, with more to come tomorrow.

To date I have only 6 Deffkoptaz, Big Mek Stompnutz (Shokk Attack Gun), Big Mek Flashbitz (Kustom Force Field) and some Trukks (Kindly being prepped by a Slaaneshi friend of mine), to do.

so after a game at the weekend where the Deff Dread got a serious kicking, I decided that He needed to be next under the brush as he clearly wasn't Blue enough!

so without too much pomp please see Da Deffila Krusha!! (and his little Killa Kan Buddies!

and closer

I also did some Boyz* last week...

*by some I mean 36 in two days... quite impressive!

And Some Burnaz!

and some Lootaz!

Lots of blue there, if there are any close ups required let me know via response!
Otherwise, expect to see more updates as The Tournament on Saturday looms!

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  1. nice work. I like the lootas especially. Definitely looking good.