Thursday, 8 April 2010

Less words more piccies you say?

uh ok!

This week and Last I have been working on a Boomwagon and Some Kans..

Here are my results!

I am aware that these probably need more work, I am neither the bestest nor the fastest of painters ;)
However I am on a tight schedule for SVA X and I need to make sure everytything is tabletop standard!

If I am being honest I would quite like to get some edging work on all the blue sections of these Kans as well as get some rusting on the brazen brass sections to show copper discolouration, however, if I have time to come back to these then I will definitely do that!

I now have my Kans, and my Boomwagon done then, and next week I am looking forward to a week off, so this should allow me to tackle some rank and file boyz!!!

Thanks for looking :D

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