Monday, 29 June 2020

Dataslates for Eradicators and Cryptothralls from the New Indomitus 9th Edition Launch Box

Hi All,

Was watching the twitch stream today and they talked through two of new units in the box eradicators and cryptothralls. Omg eradicators look crazy good 24" melta which shoots twice! Alongside this the necron murder buckets look very tasty when near a cryptek!

What are your thoughts on these two new units?

Cheers Doc


  1. I quite like the Cryptothralls, WS3+ and six attacks when near a Cryptek. And Cryptek cannot be targeted nice. The Devastators ahem Eradicators will have six shots and six Wounds, over the old score 5x Devs with MM, who have Heavy 4 shots and five wounds. So Primaris replace another old school slot...

    1. Oh hell, I missed that these are actually Nine Wounds and six shots - so more resilient further, just as GW planned, I would be mad to field my MultiMelta Devastators...

    2. Don't write them off yet, they might still stay a lot cheaper!

    3. Thanks for thoughts both I think the points change to allow more graduation between levels could help this but will have to wait and see! The cynic in me though says good tasty rules helps sell models!