Monday, 9 October 2017

Arming for the Cypra Incident....Gorkanaut.

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with my latest piece of work towards my ever growing Waaaghhh!
This is my Gorkanaut.....


This kit has been sitting in its box for a good couple of years now, until the need for a big hitter arose with our return this year to our narrative campaign and the advent of 8th edition 40k.
I love dreads and walkers of all sorts, they're my favourite unit type in 40k and have been for decades now, see my Thunderbolts marines for evidence of this addiction!!

I've seen a few 'nauts over the years, both gorka and morka varieties, some looked awesome, some not so much. My biggest issue with the basic kit is it's very static and squat pose, so I determined to ensure that I did something to avoid that as I built it.
Once I started it was immediately apparent that getting movement in the legs wouldn't be too hard but that the amount was limited by the kits proportions, I've gone for a lurching stride with the legs, the boxy torso swaying to the side as the beast lunges forwards with it's Klaw!

A few wip piccies...

I also decided that it was time to advance my paint style with the Orks more to the general level I paint at with other armies, I started my Orks in the late 90's and over the years I've maintained the level of painting so as to keep the overall look of new models matching the established standard of the army.
I found the GW paint app to be quite useful as I developed new ways to get colours to match my existing models whilst putting more work into shading and in particular highlighting (which is rarely seen on my older Ork models).
I'm very pleased with the outcome; the Gorkanaut has the same patchwork feel of dirty rusted metals and the random splashes of bright panels. Darkening the white I feel has made a huge difference too.

Some finished piccies..

and a couple of sneaky peeks of it in action in the campaign! More on that in a future post!!

Both Doc and I are really enjoying the campaign and benefitting hugely in taht we've been motivated to paint lots of stuff we probably wouldn't have done otherwise.

As ever c & c welcome.



  1. Excellent! Nice to see some motion in a Gorkanaut. So many of them look more like bunkers than walkers.

    1. Thanks. I didn’t like the model when it was originally released but after seeing a few nice conversions in the community and doing my own it’s actually a nice kit. But defo paint the next one in sub assemblies!

  2. Great stuff boss not sure that officers las pistol is going to be much use