Friday, 24 July 2015

Space Wolves Forgeworld Dreadnought Showcase

Hi All,

Doc here with a short post to showcase my newly painted space wolves dread.  This guy was a 30th birthday present from all the guys in the code and I'm now 35 and its just got painted (WOOPS!).  My progress in the last 18 months has been really slow and in particular has been slowed by playing with and learning new techniques.

I've decided I need more painted minis on the table and so a sacrifice on quality may occur but painted dudes that's what I need!

Ok a few photos stop rambling DOC!

So painted to match my existing force but with a few new tweeks added on.  I have used weathering powders on the power unit vents and around the feet.  The base is a 616 designs base (dont know if they are still going) needless to say Lukodakka had the foresight to order me one at the time to go with the dread (thanks bert).  I also played with the technical blood paint on the claw which is nice stuff.  I used an old toothbrush to do a bit of splatter with it.  Something Redmist could do with his upcoming Pre Heresy World Eaters Army.

Talking of redmist the terminator helmet had to be a khorne helmet our life long battle goes on!

On the banner I had originally intended to play with freehand for the first time.  However, when I went through my masses of transfers I came across the self adhesive dread banner.  Wanting to get the mini finished for a game and making it match with the existing force I took the easy route.  Actually on reflection I am quite happy with it.

Another 10 points on the board

Comments are always welcome (constructive and amusing most welcome!)




  1. Looking good Doc ... Looking good

  2. Looks great doc. Very well done! The banner transfer flows really well with the piece. (I didn't know it was a transfer!)

  3. I was going to congratulate you on an awesome piece of freehand! Instead I'll congratulate you on a seamless application of a transfer! You'ld never know to look at it! Nice job bud!

  4. Thanks Tom and Boss cheating sometimes pays lol!

  5. This looks great. i am very impressed with the retro banner design. brings back happy memories of when the wolves were first unleashed on 4ok back in the 90s!