Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Midweek Snidbit - Objective Markers and Servo Skulls

Hi All,

Doc back with a little post to show my new objective markers for Maelstrom games of 40K.  These were inspired by Dales over on Realm of 40K here.

Nice and simple barrels numbered 1-6.  That should make the game easier.  Using dice never works somebody always picks one up!

The next thing I needed were some servo skull markers to go with my Inquisitor so I bashed these up out of the bits box and boshed them on code designs industrial bases.  Shameless plug time the bases can be purchased from Worcester Wargames.

Short and sweet that's all folks.  Next post Ill show off some of the armies from Worcester War 3.

Doc Out......


  1. Also if anyone is interested I'm only counting these as 3 25mm bases for my painting points system. Cheers DOC

  2. Those are great objective markers. Very bright and easy to see (and read the numbers). nice job!

  3. Awesome! I need to get back on it now. "let the paint see the brush".