Monday, 14 July 2014

Imperial Knight Freeblade, Work in Progress.

Hi All

Time for another update on my progress with my Imperial Knight; I've finished the base and legs now apart from the final weathering which I'll be doing all in one go once the models complete so as to ensure I get a coherent and consistent finish.
Here's pics of it so far...

I'm pleased with the banner sculpt, I've not put the lightest highlights on the red and bone on it that you can see on the plating or the gloss finish, as the banner will  be a tattered piece of grubby cloth once the weathering is done, with the heraldry just showing through the dirt and grime of decades of war without the support of a knightly houses tech servants to repair it.
I've given all the gold trim another coat of Lamentors Yellow Glaze to bring it up a little more. The clenched fist is a transfer and the vines and thorns are all freehand.

Next step is to move onto the torso sub assembly, less plating on that so it should be a little quicker to paint.

More to come soon....



  1. This looks mint dude, kicks ass out of mine! Fairplay, like the torn banner

    1. Cheers dude. It's the shoulder pads that I'm concerned over; it's a big area to get a smooth finish on considering I don't use an airbrush, but it'll be a challenge.
      I'm well pleased so far.

  2. Boss
    This is looking so sweet. I love the fist clenching the thorns can't wait to see the rest. Pity it's not Khorne red lol
    Great work, respect.

  3. Alright!
    Outstanding freehand.check.
    Awesome palette.check
    Elaborate base.check
    In the words of Charlie sheen you are most definitely "Winning"
    Great job so far mate, keep it going