Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Worcester War 2 review part 1

This was the first event in a while where I had the army ready a few days before. There was no need for late night painting!
Here is the army I took.

It consisted of:

Khan on Moondakken
Librarian on a bike
8 bikes vet sarg power fist 2 grav guns and an attack bike with multimelta

8 bikes vet sarg power fist 2 melta guns and an attack bike with multimelta

8 bikes sarg combi plasma 2 plasma guns and an attack bike with multimelta

5 bikes sarg combi flamer 2 flamer and an attack bike with heavy bolter

2 stormtalons a one with lascannons and one with sky hammer missiles

I felt it was pretty balanced and would give me plenty of mobility, but I would have to be careful about not being bogged down or caught by any monstrous creatures.

Game 1: against Tau! Double riptide trouble and a load of broadsides! This was a game against Lian who had posted a video about his preparation to the event.

I was really worried about facing something like this. Marker lights to remove cover, big nasties and lots of guns.

2 bits of luck occurred before turn 1, I got enfeeble as a power and I stole the initiative. This combined with my initial scout move allowed all my bikers to get in range and take a lot of stuff out. First to go was the path finders, 3 flamer templates made short work of them. Grav guns and melta shots took out a squad of broad sides while enfeeble on the riptide a made my bolter shots twice as effective.
One side of his line was starting to collapse and as I had concentrated over one side on his turn one he was not able to get clear shots on my guys during his shooting. In my turn 2 enfeeble combine with S5 hammer of wrath attacks was very potent. One bit of bad luck was a talon being intercepted and shot down.
By the end if this turn his commander had failed to turn up from reserve and he only had a riptide with 2 wounds left and 3 fire warriors. My shooting phase on turn 3 finished these off and I claimed the win.

A solid start to this event...more to follow.

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