Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Nurgle Death Guard WIP

The Beginning
So its been a while since my last post but thats because Papa Nurgle has had me slaving away on more pestilent carrying disease bringers!
Death Guard Space Marines
First off it was time for prep work to begin, I got the Forgeworld sprues out and did the neccessary trimming.
For any first timers to forgeworld kit - it does requires a hell of a lot of tidying up. Get your snippers, file and a ho bby knife and go to work. Once you've done the tidying up you then need to give it all a good wash, I used a bit of cif in some warm water and gave them a careful scrub with a toothbrush. You may think this is a bit extreme but if you don't, you'll find that when you come to base coating the bad boys the paint won't take, so don't miss it out!
*Don't forget to put the sink plug in when your cleaning! Last thing you want is £20 sprues flying down the drain!*
Once I'd done all that it was time to snip off and clean the marine boxed set for assembly. I decided I wanted my Deathguard to be carrying predominantly chainswords and Bolters not bolt pistols just because I think it looks cooler. I was gonna do a few arm manipulations and alternative poses to make them look that little bit different as well. Heres a selection of them.
LtoR - Full 10 DG Squad, Arms twists, Sculpted open right hand on icon bearer.
More twisting arms and wrists, a couple were pinned to keep them solid
I also slapped them on some new bases I purchased fom Ebay, "Doc" pointed me in the direction of these resin slate bases and were very reasonably priced from a company called "616 Designs" thoroughly recommended by the code40k I would say!
Right with these finished it was on to the Termies -
Death Guard Terminators
Well I'll jump straight to the builds, there was quite alot of intense cleaning needed and the shoulder pads had been slightly damaged on delivery but nothing major.
I cleaned them up and heres the result
LtoR - Full 5 DG Teminators, Aspiring Champ - Combi Melta & Chainfist (what else?)
LtoR - Power Fist & Combi Melta, Lightning Claws
LtoR - Combi Flamer & Chainfist, Heavy Flamer & Powerfist
I'll get these lot sprayed soon and start painting them all, I'll bang some more pictures on when they're further forward.
Luko Dakka

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