Friday, 28 October 2016

Arming for the Cypra Incident - 19th Dicers Armoured Column - Completed (Hobby Season Completions)

Hi All,

As promised here I am back with a mass of completed hobby season goodness.  This work has all been completed so close together that I feel rather hobbied out!  So this takes me to a ready to go position for our next Cypra Incident game "Running the Gorklet".

So no apologies this is going to be picture heavy and I feel very proud of the work I have achieved on this army this year.  This campaign has really helped me motivated me to get a new army on the table.  Anyway self congratulating back slapping out the way what have you painted Doc?

 WIP Tanks

 First off just wanted to show a couple of work in progress shots to give you all an idea of the pre shading I completed on the tanks using the airbrush.  I love this technique and the time it saves.

Chimera 1 (Heavy Bolter Variant) - As with all my guard chimeras this tank is toting a heavy stubber. As why wouldnt you extra shots not many points often saves a decent weapon in a weapon destroyed result and makes them look and feel proper tanky imo.

This vehicle follows my now established pattern for the army of heavy weathering on the lower third of the tank with lighter sponge weathering across the hull.  All the tanks are also transfered up with 19's.

Chimera 2 (Heavy Flamer Variant) - This tank was a gift from boss bludtoof and came battle damaged and dozer bladed up.  In my mind I see this as carry my vets who are likely to want to get up close (meltas are us!)

The dozer blade has been heavily weathered using typhus corrision and ryza rust method which I particularly like.

Taurox Prime (autocannon and mini battle cannon) - I love these little vehicles when changed up with wheels they really add to the army.  The only issue is keeping the wheels level so you can end up with a slight rock.  I cannot rule out more of these as part of an MSU force.  Being fast also is a massive boon for these vehicles.

New command models:

As i stated in my last post I needed some additional command models for our next game.  So following the fluff of my army which is on the tipping point of turning to chaos I have completed a mixture of style in command models a couple look stoic and very regimental and 3 are the renegades models from FW.  I have no problem mixing these styles up and bringing it together with the painting.

Group Shot

Colonel / Renegade Commander

I love this sculpt and took the opportunity for a small play with OSL (very subtle) and some splattered blood.

Tank command model (likely to be a colonel or commissar)  I actually dont need this model for the next game but thought I would bash him out whilst I was at it.

Master of Ordnance (kit bash) Love the simplicity of this model and his hat!

Psykers (one to be deployed as astropath and one primaris psyker) Again lovely sculpts from FW but don't tie together too well hence being used to donate different types of psykers.

So this takes up to 87 models of various shapes or sizes painted this year.  I have a simple aim to reach 100 now as I have a lot on between now and the end of the year.  Also as I am taking part in the hobby season this completes mutliple units in one hit from my list so I am going to award myself a major stamp ..... HOORAH

Before I sign off here is a full army shot for the next battle "Running the Gorklet" good luck to the 19th!

As always thoughts and comments are welcome.


DOC out........................................


  1. Great effort there, I'm really starting to look at Chimeras in a new light now they can be taken by Genestealer Cultists. I'm sure I'll get some at some point though ;)

    1. Thanks Dave, chimeras are great versatile vehicles. I also have cultists to make the army usable as two different factions