Friday, 4 November 2016

"Birth of The Beast - The Cypra Incident", Narrative Campaign, Mission 3 Bat Rep. "Running The Gorklet" (Picture Heavy)

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a report on mission 3 of our narrative campaign; "Birth of The Beast - The Cypra Incident".
This Mission is called "Running The Gorklet" and sees Docs' Dicers recon force trying to escape from Ork territory with the intel they captured from mission 2 "Recon".

As Doc said in his write up of mission 2 we were totally surprised by the result and had to scrap the prep we'd done on the mission tree, so we re-wrote it and here's the new tree up to and including mission 4 possibilities;

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Omnissiahs Repugnance and Kill Team fun days!

Hey hey girls and guys, Bristles here with an update of what's been going on in my little corner of the hobby!
Firstly I'll start off with my most recent completion. 

This is 'Omnissiahs Repugnance', the newest member of my own (as yet unnamed ........ suggestions on a post card!) Mechanicum aligned Knight Household. 

Basically, there's a singles tourney coming up and I decided I wanted to run my knights as they never get out enough but to get near the points total I'd need to acquire one more. Hence, the Acheron. Because it's so awesomely brutal it would have frankly been rude not to. And I'd seen the new Knight helms from FW at the open day a few months back and decided this would be a great time to give one a whirl......I think it looks perfect on the body!

Anyway, as always, bases are just as important to me as the model (a well painted model on a good base will look great but an incredibly painted model on no base will always look unfinished in my opinion), so I took this opportunity to have a play and see what I could come up with. 
Fortunately I have a friend who's dog has a rather "PURGE THE XENOS!!" Outlook to life so he was able to supply me a rather mangled Dark Eldar flier and thus the theme of the base was set. 

I was scratching my head for a long time as to how to approach painting the base before having a bit of a brain wave and getting stuck in with the FW clear paints.....

Once the bulk of the base colours were down it was just a case of getting it all painted up together and weathered! Here's a few shots of him complete..


Let me know what you think!

Ok next up is a bit of a taster for what's to come in my next post.....
A Kill Team tourney over in Cheltenham with some of us from the Code ( Luko Dakka, Inner Mech and My self long with another of our friends) hosted at the Porkchop Gaming Venue with lots of swag supplied by the awesome guys at
I'm trying desperately to get hold of some pics from the day and write up a lovely report for you all but clearly I'm not applying the correct sacred oils because nothing is forth coming as yet........leave it with me, I'll make it work!!

However, whilst there we were able to pick up some of the sweet new battlemats we had ordered and boy oh boy are they pretty.....


Fantastic detail, really can't wait to have a game on this beaut and the guys over at Incom Gaming sorted us out a treat - cheers guys, now we just need to meet up and throw some dice down! 

Ok, that's enough of my waffle for now so I'll let you all go in peace and I'll do my best to put together a report of what actually transpired during the Kill Team day........sneak came from the shadows and was bloody and brutal. 

All praise the four armed Emperor.