Thursday, 29 December 2016

Dismember December .........By Bluddtoof

So I finally got my entry completed after a long period of having no mojo for painting. I'm pleased with the finished model and love the palette I went with. Oddly enough it's very similar to my Imperial Knight! I only realised as I was nearing completion. I obviously have an attraction to cream and red.
So here's some pics.....

Hope you like it, c & c welcome and I look forward to seeing the other entries.


Monday, 26 December 2016

Showcase for Dismember December

Merry Christmas everybody - hope you've all been good boys and girls this year and got lots of hobby goodness from Santa! 
Db here with my entry to the Codes Anual December themed painting event - this years event being the free Slaughter Priest that came with White Dwarf - Aptly titled 'Dismember December'.

I confess, I was somewhat reluctant to begin this project as I'd got a lot on my hobby desk already and have seem to have lost my painting mojo someplace. Any way - after seeing the frankly cracking job that Inner Mech managed when attempting to expand his painting skills with NMM I decided to attack the slaughter priest with a different view and try something new myself.... 


After sitting just staring at the priest for a good 5-10 mins I finally had a thought and decided to attack one part of the leg ....


Which then became the whole of the armour plating of the Priest...


Once I'd settled on the direction the rest came pretty easily - I've not really tried jade style armour before and I'm still terrified of painting skin sections so the large expanse of pale flesh was rather a challenge for me but ultimately it came out pretty much how I saw it in my mind so I'm happy with it :) now we just need the last couple of Code members to be hustle up with their entries and we can pop them all together!

Whilst I'm a little peek at what I'm up too currently.........


 Have yourselves a fantastic Christmas all and wishing you all the best for the new year and, as ever, thanks for reading :) 


Saturday, 10 December 2016

Showcase - Genestealer Cult Kill Team

Hi All Innermech here to talk cult....

As soon as gw released the new genestealer cult models i new i wanted to collect the army, managed to get on ebay and buy 2 of the sets from the deathwatch box set, then couldn't resist ordering more from gw when they released the trucks, they are so nice.

With all these models I set about building them and I now have 1500pts of built cults. Its a mass of models and I was a bit concerned about the amount of painting to do and where to start.  Soon the answer arrived when a few of us entered a kill team event at incom gaming as said in a previous post by battered bristles. I knew this was the ideal chance to make a start on the cults so worked out the list and set about painting the team.  First to show is the goliath truck. I loved working on the truck they are so different to other vehicles in the 40k range.

Then it was on to the genestelers themselves as i had chosen a squad of 5 in my list.  In kill team they are all treated as individual models  and I wanted to make my leader stand out so I used the broodlord model to represent my leader but still used him as a standard stealer for rules purposes.  When painting them I wanted to keep them quite pale so they blended in with the snow bases.

Next up was the cult models and I had opted for a squad of 10 neophyte hybrids to ride in the truck. Included in the squad was two flamers and a scisemic canon as they are all individual units you can split them up however you want, 

Going into the event I was unaware that i was in with a chance as I had only had two practice games with the army getting my arse handed to me both times by doc (yarp ed, lol). In the first game I was surprised myself that I tabled my opponent. As the day went on I managed to win all my games apart from 1 against another fellow code40ker luko dakka and his ork bikes that was a draw. I went into the last game level on points with one other participant.  By the end of the last game I had once again won the game against my opponent code40k's very own Dark Bristles.  This left my hopeful of the win overall. In the end after 6 games it all came down to one point in my favour, After losing both practice game before I even arrived never thought I would win. All i need to do now is knuckle down and paint a shed load more to turn it into a fully fledged army and I am looking forward to that.

Many thanks to income gaming for a fantastic event we will be back again. So anyone looking for a good gaming club that runs well organised event visit:  

Here is the winning team

Cheers for looking will be posting more of the army as i get them done, comments are always welcome.


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

This is my (innermechs) entry for dismember december

Hi All,

This is my entry for Dismember December, and I  wanted to try something a bit differnt with this model as it will not fit in with any of my existing collection. First I built the mini loving the detail and pose it has.  Next up I laid down the base colors and gave it a wash with agrax earthshade as seen below.

Next I decided to do something that I have wanted to try for a long time but never got round to it because I never used nmm (non metallic metal) on any off my army's before.  It was nice to see if I was able to get a good effect or not. As I started I realised how difficult it is to get a metallic effect using flat colors, so a visit to you tube to watch a few tutorials was required.... eek they make it look so easy.

Overall I do not think he looks to bad for a first attempt. I tried to keep the flesh tone quite subtle not adding hi contrast as to not take away from the nmm I also kept the base quite simple just adding a bit of texture using the new gw texture paint and adding a bit of blood. After whats khorne without BLOOD on it. Here is the finished mini.

sorry about the sound on vid need to sort it out next time

Comments are all very welcome as this all adds to me becoming a better painter. Good look to all those attempting this challenge.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Code40k's Annual December Special - Dismember December

Hi all,

Doc here with the launch post for our fourth annual December event.  In the last 3 years we've had Dreadful December, Forgemas and Ho Ho Ho Horus Heresy.  So yes we like 'PUNS'.  This years special event is called Dismember December (thanks Luko Dakka).

So yes we are Khorne themed this year but why?  Well back in September we all got a lovely Slaughter-priest model for free and we thought it would be fun if we all paint up our priest for this years event and then let you guys 'our readers' vote for the best paint job.

That's not all this year we would like you to send us your painted slaughter-priests and maybe even blog about your entries.  All you have to do to enter is email your entry to Please include your name and if you have blogged about it some blog post links all will be included in the final voting post.

So look out for our WIP posts throughout December culminating with a voting post at the end of December or early January to decide the winner.  Before anybody asks about the rules yes you can convert the model the only rule is the free model must be the base model.  

Good luck all may the best DOC win (woops) may the best painted mini win!



Friday, 4 November 2016

"Birth of The Beast - The Cypra Incident", Narrative Campaign, Mission 3 Bat Rep. "Running The Gorklet" (Picture Heavy)

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a report on mission 3 of our narrative campaign; "Birth of The Beast - The Cypra Incident".
This Mission is called "Running The Gorklet" and sees Docs' Dicers recon force trying to escape from Ork territory with the intel they captured from mission 2 "Recon".

As Doc said in his write up of mission 2 we were totally surprised by the result and had to scrap the prep we'd done on the mission tree, so we re-wrote it and here's the new tree up to and including mission 4 possibilities;

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Omnissiahs Repugnance and Kill Team fun days!

Hey hey girls and guys, Bristles here with an update of what's been going on in my little corner of the hobby!
Firstly I'll start off with my most recent completion. 

This is 'Omnissiahs Repugnance', the newest member of my own (as yet unnamed ........ suggestions on a post card!) Mechanicum aligned Knight Household. 

Basically, there's a singles tourney coming up and I decided I wanted to run my knights as they never get out enough but to get near the points total I'd need to acquire one more. Hence, the Acheron. Because it's so awesomely brutal it would have frankly been rude not to. And I'd seen the new Knight helms from FW at the open day a few months back and decided this would be a great time to give one a whirl......I think it looks perfect on the body!

Anyway, as always, bases are just as important to me as the model (a well painted model on a good base will look great but an incredibly painted model on no base will always look unfinished in my opinion), so I took this opportunity to have a play and see what I could come up with. 
Fortunately I have a friend who's dog has a rather "PURGE THE XENOS!!" Outlook to life so he was able to supply me a rather mangled Dark Eldar flier and thus the theme of the base was set. 

I was scratching my head for a long time as to how to approach painting the base before having a bit of a brain wave and getting stuck in with the FW clear paints.....

Once the bulk of the base colours were down it was just a case of getting it all painted up together and weathered! Here's a few shots of him complete..


Let me know what you think!

Ok next up is a bit of a taster for what's to come in my next post.....
A Kill Team tourney over in Cheltenham with some of us from the Code ( Luko Dakka, Inner Mech and My self long with another of our friends) hosted at the Porkchop Gaming Venue with lots of swag supplied by the awesome guys at
I'm trying desperately to get hold of some pics from the day and write up a lovely report for you all but clearly I'm not applying the correct sacred oils because nothing is forth coming as yet........leave it with me, I'll make it work!!

However, whilst there we were able to pick up some of the sweet new battlemats we had ordered and boy oh boy are they pretty.....


Fantastic detail, really can't wait to have a game on this beaut and the guys over at Incom Gaming sorted us out a treat - cheers guys, now we just need to meet up and throw some dice down! 

Ok, that's enough of my waffle for now so I'll let you all go in peace and I'll do my best to put together a report of what actually transpired during the Kill Team day........sneak came from the shadows and was bloody and brutal. 

All praise the four armed Emperor. 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Arming for the Cypra Incident - 19th Dicers Armoured Column - Completed (Hobby Season Completions)

Hi All,

As promised here I am back with a mass of completed hobby season goodness.  This work has all been completed so close together that I feel rather hobbied out!  So this takes me to a ready to go position for our next Cypra Incident game "Running the Gorklet".

So no apologies this is going to be picture heavy and I feel very proud of the work I have achieved on this army this year.  This campaign has really helped me motivated me to get a new army on the table.  Anyway self congratulating back slapping out the way what have you painted Doc?

 WIP Tanks

 First off just wanted to show a couple of work in progress shots to give you all an idea of the pre shading I completed on the tanks using the airbrush.  I love this technique and the time it saves.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Arming for the Cypra Incident - The 19th Dicers Grow - WIP

Hi Folks,

Doc back with his latest work towards our narrative campaign "The Cypra Incident: Birth of the Beast".  With rule of cool well and truly in effect and the idea behind this mission meaning I need an armoured column this has left me with a lot of painting to do.  Knowing this work was coming meant I slipped all these projects on to my Confessions of a 40K addict hobby season list.

So what do you need to paint then Doc?

2 X Chimera's
1 X Taurox
3 more ratling snipers to take me to 10
1 X Master of Ordnance
2 X Psykers
1 X Vox
1 X Plasma
1 X Additional Command Officer

Eek crap that's a lot!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Arming for The Cypra Incident, Waaaghh! Bluddtoof; Koptas and Rokkits

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a quick update on my newly finished Ork reinforcements for our narrative campaign; "Birth of The Beast, The Cypra Incident".
Our next mission is number 3; "Running the Gorklet" where Doc is going to be driving a convoy of light Guard vehicles down the length of 3 6' boards past lots of Ork sentry positions and with the potential for pursuers catching him if he goes too slow!
His force will comprise all the survivors from mission 2 and a further 1000 pts of mechanised guard.
I'll be fielding 500 pts on each board, on the first board are sleepy sentries just waking to the alarms from camp, for this I needed a new boss and a rokkit toting boy.
Table 2 will be fast stuff reacting quickly to the threat and I'll need some Koptas for that.
Board 3 will have much slower and heavier stuff all of which I already have painted.
So pics of the new stuff...

The really good thing about this campaign is that it's proved to be an excellent source of  motivation to both of us to get us painting stuff; Doc's army is entirely new or re-painting of old stuff and for me I'm painting models that have sat built and waiting on shelves and in boxes, for years in some cases! We both committed to having new stuff for every mission. For me the big push will be to complete the Dread Mob I've been threatening for years!

Looking forward to the mission, stay tuned for updates on prep from Doc and a bat rep of mission 3.


Friday, 7 October 2016

Birth of The Beast - The Cypra Incident................The story so far.......

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with an update on our narrative campaign; The Cypra Incident, which sees Docs Astra Militarum force; The 19th Dicers defending their world from my Ork invasion by Waaaggh! Bluddtoof.

The story started with Imperial forces on "The Forgotten Hole", a gloomy deathworld covered by murky swamps and thick forested highlands and the home world of The 19th Dicers, detecting strange energy readings deep in the swamps outside normal patrol range. A patrol was sent to investigate and found a small band of Orks using arcane technology to teleport rusted imperial wrecks out of the swamp! The following engagement was short and brutal with the Orks managing to hold off the Dicers long enough to teleport sufficient wrecks away.
The battle report for this mission can be found here

Following this the Imperials stepped up their patrols and scanning of the swampy hinterlands; revealing some very powerful energy surges in an out of the way valley, they put together a recon force and deployed to the area, the fast, light mechanised force infiltrated what is clearly a rapidly growing Ork territory and a small recon group went in on foot into the edges of an Ork camp, there they snuck about under the noses of Ork sentries too busy watching a bike race and gathered several pieces of crucial intel on the Orks activities here. With this intel secured they snuck back into the swamp but were spotted at the last moment! The alarms sound and the Orks mobilise for pursuit!
The battle report for this mission can be found here

So what now? I hear you ask...

Our approach to this whole campaign is one of "rule of cool", we had a long chat about how we thought the story should progress after the events so far and decided that we needed to add another bit in before we moved to the next tier in the campaign tree. After all the Orks are in close pursuit, there's no guarantee the Dicers will get back to base at all so no guarantee the Space Wolves will be called.
So we decided that the next mission should tell the story of the Dicers recon force escaping Ork territory with the intel, or not!

Our next mission will be "Running the Gorklet!" and will see the recon force all mounted in light vehicles running a gauntlet of Ork defensive positions and pursuers as they flee down the valley back to Imperial territory.

Stay tuned for more....


Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Cypra Incident: Birth of the Beast Game 2 (RECONNAISSANCE) Write Up

Hi All,

This post explains our second game in the Cypra Incident and involves the 19th Dicers sneaking into an ork held compound.  If you are new to our 40k narrative campaign can I recommend for understanding you check back on through the following links.

I suggest first checking out this post which links back to all the early content for the Cypra Incident.
This first and second game required some unique terrain and Boss Bludtoof put together some fantastic stuff check it out here.

The next link is the video battle report for mission 1 'Scavengers'.  This was our first attempt at a video battle report.  It is clear filming on a I-pad and this being our first go at it means it isn't the greatest quality.  However, its not too long and gives us a great history to look back on for this campaign.  Check it out here if you want some history.

Mission 2:

Right confession first this post has taken a long time to be put together.  We attempted to film a second battle report for this mission and the footage had terrible sound issues.  So i have abandoned showing you any footage and decided a write up will have to suffice.  We may return to video later in the campaign.

This mission involved a small force of the 19th dicers sneaking into a ork held camp.  We essentially set up a camp occupied by ork sentries, a couple of guard towers and of course some ork bikers racing around the camp (normal ork behaviour right?)

The imperial recon force consisted of 10 veterans and 7 ratling snipers.  There were 3 points on the battlefield which needed reaching to steal all the data.  

In order to play the mission and work out how the imperials could sneak about we decided to use the same method as the old Necromunda rules for the ork sentries.  That is each sentry turn we both rolled a dice for each ork sentry with the winner being able to move the ork sentry the distance on the dice.  If the orks got to within initiative range the alarm would be raised and various ork forces could move onto to the table on the next turn.  If any weapon fire took place the alarm would also be raised and if an ork survived close combat the alarm would be raised.  

Early on the alarm was nearly raised in turn two and then at the critical point the orks turned the wrong way.  We thoroughly expected the alarm to go off but in the end I managed after a high number of turns to sneak in and out with the information.  This proved quite a shock to us both but we decided to go with it.  It was also a strange outcome when we had painted new troops for the reserves and then never used them.  However, we both felt it fit the narrative well and led nicely on to a next mission of the 19th Dicers trying to escape through ork territory with the information they had stolen.

We decided to aptly name the next mission "Running the Gorklet" and discussed the forces that would be involved.  I will not steal the thunder of the next mission write up but it meant we both had to build and paint some more guard and orks which has been the aim of the campaign all the way through.

Hope you enjoyed this short write up and apologies for no video :-(.  Expect to see some more arming for the cypra incident posts as we get ready for mission 3.


Doc Out..........................