Friday, 7 June 2019

Showcase Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct and Battlefield Birmingham 2019 Army

Morning Folks,

Doc back with another Necron focused post (with the previous post here) and as promised we have the Seraptek Heavy Construct ready to showcase built and painted by Redmist.  When we were talking about it and watching the work progress it is clear the model is very much a build and paint in sub assemblies.  This is particularly important with this model as parts of the chassis is see through and you can see the innards so if you don't paint them it will show.

This model was built and painted over several sessions.  The green has been hit with green stuff world fluorescent green which should reflect light and really pop.  The guns have been made so they can be removed and changed in a future date is desired.  Here are multiple pictures from different angles.

We are also showcasing some other recently finished units including acanthrites and a new (restored second hand) doomsday ark.  The doomsday ark has been given new Gauss weaponry using the immortals sprue and I have to say really helps the model.  In addition all our ghost ark type vehicles have larger bases for additional stability.

Lastly I have some photos of the full 2000 point force ready for the event.  Hopefully we have picked something fun and simple to play with a good damage output. 

That's the full force which includes two of the new crypteks mine from the last post and Redmist which he converted the weapon to make them different.

Hope you like our necron force please let us know in the comments.


Doc out.........................


  1. Great job, I have a Seraptek to do and both weapons, glad it’s easily swapped out. That looks like a great force together.

  2. Wow, the whole force looks amazing buddy and that Heavy Construct really gives it a lovely centrepiece, lovely work :)

  3. The heavy construct is so big. Someone took 3 to the Last Chance Open and I was shocked by how big they were. The army looks really cool.

    1. 3 now that is crazy. Thanks for kind words Cheers