Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dread Progress

OK, so some more progress on the Dread Mob occurred last night as I managed to get a very brief step-by-step on Stage 1 of how I made the first Stompa-Kan, and then batch processed another 8 to that stage!

So. to begin with you

1) Take a cut piece of blue foam, my pieces are all (very) roughly 4.5mm x 3mm x 5.5mm (WidthxDepthxHeight)

2) Then, using a wide craft knife slant the sides of your box from top to bottom. For the top I use a 2mm x 2mm square in the middle and take this out pretty much to the width of the base, so that you end up with something along the lines of

obviously, the height stays at 5.5mm

3) Once this is done, you are ready to begin!
(in this example below, I am making the Stompa-Kan with a Grotzooka, represented by a Belly Gun, hence the pipe, this is clearly optional, but just push in the pipe, make a space, and cut away some of the internal foam, and glue it in with some PVA)

4) Cut yourself two pieces of plasticard, one each for top and bottom, the purpose of which, is to give you something to put head and feet on, the rest will come together on it's own.

5) Prepare yourself a random assortment of Plasticard peices, or, if you are like me, and have an offcuts box, raid it mercilessly!

6) next, slather the foam sides (not top or bottom yet) in PVA and stick random assorted bits to the body to create the bottom skirt layer.
once these are positioned, then cover top and bottom in PVA and attach your pieces.

And then below is the progress I made last night, that totals 9 Stompa-Kan frames to work with, next begins the joyous labour of creating the arms and weapons for these bad boys!

Hopefully I will get the chance to do a bit more on these before Christmas day.. but it might be tight, so maybe in that comfortable lull between christmas and New Year :)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Dread Mob List

ok, so it's been a while since I posted, this is mostly down to running around after my wife and our new little snotling!

Anyway, early next year (in February to be exact) there is another SVA Tournament in Reading, and whilst myself and three other Code members played there last year (and MASSIVELY) enjoyed it....

I was on the end of several good hidings.

Stompnutz, to be blunt, wants REVENGE!

so, with the promise of Imperial Armour/Forgeworld army lists being allowed, I sat down and thought to myself

"What would a really, really angry Big Mek, with a particular fascination for Revenge, Stompin' and Gork (or Possibly Mork) build?"

The Answer, (at least in this part of the world) is a Dread Mob!

However, clearly not just any old Dread mob would be blessed by Mork (or Possibly Gork!)

Only a dread Mob built as Effigy's to the Great Orky God's of Kunnin and Krumpin' would do...

so, in short, the 'plan' (and I use this term fairly loosely you understand!) is to create an entire Dread Mob of Gork (or Mork) Effigy's.

1 Meka Dread
2 mega Dreads
3 Dreads
15 Killa Kans

all built around the Stompa Chassis, for maximum exposure to the Orky Gods.

I've started small, beginning with a Kan. Using a (solid) Blue Foam core, which I have layered in PVA Glue and Plasticard, I haved then built this up with a lyer of 'plating' whilst scratch-building the arms (Rokkit and CC weapon in this case) All that remains (I believe) for this one, is the power source and flue at the back, and a whole ton of Rivets.
Once this is done, I will mass produce (or at least, as quickly as I am able to do!) the remaining 14 Kans, Whislt I think about exporting and/or changing the design for the larger models.

I'll also do a step by step (although, in fairness, it shouldn't be hard to deduce what I have done here ;) )

and without further ado...

The First of Big Mek Stompnutz' Stompa-Kans!