Friday, 29 April 2016

Showcase - Aegis Defence Line and Quadd Gun - Arming for the Cypra Incident

Hi All,

Short post today to showcase my completed Aegis Defence Line ahead of our first two games scheduled for Monday 9th May.  A few months in the making but it has definitely been worth it I have achieved so much painting as a result of this story campaign.

We are hoping to produce a video battle report of at least 1 of the two games if not both.  So the last thing I needed to paint was my Aegis.  I have been putting it off as it didn't float my boat and  well lets be honest the knight is far tastier.

On the knight I should be in receipt of the transfers this weekend which will be cool and allow me some more progression on that in the near future.

Back to the Aegis (Doc!) It has been painted to match my ever expanding 19th Dicers IG regiment. If you look in the side bar there are a couple of videos which showcase some of the work on this regiment.  I am hoping in the near future to borrow Innermech's light box and take some more photos of the wider army and other things in my collection.

A few shots of the completed line are below:

Comments and tips are welcome as always,


DOC out


  1. Looks great, man - lovely weathering work!

    1. Thanks Mord, love the weathering now so many great products out there to play with!

  2. Great weathering, nice colour scheme.

  3. Cool, the steel work looks particularly striking, or the pics make it look super contrasty. Meanwhile I am not a Russian spam bot ;)

    1. Cheers Dave, yes the photos have made it look even more high contrast than in real life. Thanks for not being a Russian spam bot. I feel this is heading off in an Austin Powers direction! :)