Thursday, 31 December 2015

Death Guard Progress - Ho Ho Ho Horus Heresy 2015

Good Afternoon All,

This is a bit of a catch all post.  I will update progress or lack of on the death guard, a small review of the year and my usual 2016 objectives.

Firstly my heresy progress which has been hampered by man flu and uni work.  However, I have worked out the recipe which I suggested in my last post.

It will be light grey primer (ab), wash (hand) 45 degree white (ab), paint other colours (hand) and finally weather (sponge).  This is so much quicker than my last method by hand!

Here is the progress I made on 5 tactical legionnaires:

Early days for this squad but I feel I have finally sorted the 'how' bit out two years later!  Comments are most welcome and I will show some fellow code players at the weekend on our new years game.

I also built for the weekend some additional bloodclaws.  I mixed up the parts and used new kit, plus older parts and some metal bloodclaw shoulder pads.  Nice to be back to the wolves for a bit.  Shame I havent had time to throw some paint at them!

Right last year (or actually very early this year lol) I set my self simple objectives and they were to complete some in progress projects.  I did manage a few things this year.  Memory test time:

1 Stormwolf
1 Forgeworld Space Wolf Dread
 ok failed already going back through blog posts!

1 Necron Artillery piece
1 Death Guard Graviton Rapier
5 Death Guard Marines

Blimey that is a terrible return compared to my normal output!  The reality is doing a masters at the same time as working full time and managing my health means I am not that upset.  So what about 2016?

2016 Objectives are (not all hobby related):

Spatial Planning Masters (2nd Year)
Adoption Match (my wife and I are approved fingers crossed at little one joins our family).

So the two above are going to slow down any hobby....

Necromunda Scenery
More Airbrush Practice
Story Campaign with Tweedy ahem (Boss Bludtoof)
Still record painting points but not against spend
Accurately record hobby spend
Log games played
Paint some death guard and space wolves.

All that remains to be said is Happy New Year to you all and I hope 2016 is fruitful, healthy and happy.

Peace Out


Monday, 28 December 2015

Vulkan - Primarch of the XVIIIth Legion

Here is the last Heresy Character my brother has painted so far, Vulkan of the Salamanders.

His cloak

Close up of the hammer

His Face 


 On his Scenic Base

I'll pass the comments about better pictures on to my brother for his next set of characters. he is currently painting Perturabo of the Iron Warriors.

my next post will be a review of 2015 and looking forward to 2016 modelling activities

Monday, 21 December 2015

Konrad Curze - The Night Haunter

Here is Konrad Curze the Primarch of the night Lords

Close Up

About to pounce

On his scenic base


Saturday, 19 December 2015


So I intended to dabble a little with Garro over the next week or so but it kind of snow balled into a kind of "well sod it I've come this far lets just get it complete!".

So yeah, I finished my first 30k mini.

Editor Comment:   Want to see more of Tom's work?  Check out his facebook page here.  Tom is also a commission painter and a top chap!

Cheers  Doc

Comments and feedback on the mini are most welcome.

Thanks and Merry Christmas


Thursday, 17 December 2015

Calas Typhon - First Captain of the Death Guard

Next in the series of my HO Ho Heresy entries is Calas Typhon.

A particularly nasty character in the series, and this model perfectly reflects the menacing feel of him.


 Close Up

Without his base

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Angron - Primarch of the World Eaters

This was the first Primarch released by Forgeworld back in 2012. He shows the direction Forgeworld are going with these larger more characterful marines.

 A Close up of his face

On his scenic base



Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Gary. Gary - Hand of the Sigilitte

So yeah, FW went and released Garro.

Love the model and loved it so much I thought I'd subtly hint to the wife that he might make a nice crimbo present........

"Gary? Who's Gary from Forgeworld? What are you on about?"

So no.....that didn't work! Then I realised he wasn't tied to any particular legion so figured I'd start my own small HO HO HO Heresy project and kick my 30k army off with him! Hurray!

This is the first of the heresy character series that I've actually had my hands on and I'm really blown away by the cast, absolutely beautiful mini to put together, can't wait to attack him with a brush.........

But unfortunate he must wait a while as I've a small AOS based commission required by Jan!

Here's some pics of the first mini completed.

Will try and sneak time on Gary and see if I can't finish him also :)