Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dread Progress

OK, so some more progress on the Dread Mob occurred last night as I managed to get a very brief step-by-step on Stage 1 of how I made the first Stompa-Kan, and then batch processed another 8 to that stage!

So. to begin with you

1) Take a cut piece of blue foam, my pieces are all (very) roughly 4.5mm x 3mm x 5.5mm (WidthxDepthxHeight)

2) Then, using a wide craft knife slant the sides of your box from top to bottom. For the top I use a 2mm x 2mm square in the middle and take this out pretty much to the width of the base, so that you end up with something along the lines of

obviously, the height stays at 5.5mm

3) Once this is done, you are ready to begin!
(in this example below, I am making the Stompa-Kan with a Grotzooka, represented by a Belly Gun, hence the pipe, this is clearly optional, but just push in the pipe, make a space, and cut away some of the internal foam, and glue it in with some PVA)

4) Cut yourself two pieces of plasticard, one each for top and bottom, the purpose of which, is to give you something to put head and feet on, the rest will come together on it's own.

5) Prepare yourself a random assortment of Plasticard peices, or, if you are like me, and have an offcuts box, raid it mercilessly!

6) next, slather the foam sides (not top or bottom yet) in PVA and stick random assorted bits to the body to create the bottom skirt layer.
once these are positioned, then cover top and bottom in PVA and attach your pieces.

And then below is the progress I made last night, that totals 9 Stompa-Kan frames to work with, next begins the joyous labour of creating the arms and weapons for these bad boys!

Hopefully I will get the chance to do a bit more on these before Christmas day.. but it might be tight, so maybe in that comfortable lull between christmas and New Year :)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Dread Mob List

ok, so it's been a while since I posted, this is mostly down to running around after my wife and our new little snotling!

Anyway, early next year (in February to be exact) there is another SVA Tournament in Reading, and whilst myself and three other Code members played there last year (and MASSIVELY) enjoyed it....

I was on the end of several good hidings.

Stompnutz, to be blunt, wants REVENGE!

so, with the promise of Imperial Armour/Forgeworld army lists being allowed, I sat down and thought to myself

"What would a really, really angry Big Mek, with a particular fascination for Revenge, Stompin' and Gork (or Possibly Mork) build?"

The Answer, (at least in this part of the world) is a Dread Mob!

However, clearly not just any old Dread mob would be blessed by Mork (or Possibly Gork!)

Only a dread Mob built as Effigy's to the Great Orky God's of Kunnin and Krumpin' would do...

so, in short, the 'plan' (and I use this term fairly loosely you understand!) is to create an entire Dread Mob of Gork (or Mork) Effigy's.

1 Meka Dread
2 mega Dreads
3 Dreads
15 Killa Kans

all built around the Stompa Chassis, for maximum exposure to the Orky Gods.

I've started small, beginning with a Kan. Using a (solid) Blue Foam core, which I have layered in PVA Glue and Plasticard, I haved then built this up with a lyer of 'plating' whilst scratch-building the arms (Rokkit and CC weapon in this case) All that remains (I believe) for this one, is the power source and flue at the back, and a whole ton of Rivets.
Once this is done, I will mass produce (or at least, as quickly as I am able to do!) the remaining 14 Kans, Whislt I think about exporting and/or changing the design for the larger models.

I'll also do a step by step (although, in fairness, it shouldn't be hard to deduce what I have done here ;) )

and without further ado...

The First of Big Mek Stompnutz' Stompa-Kans!

Friday, 29 October 2010


Hi All,

So here i was this afternoon looking back through pictures of old games and came across the massive 30,000 point game we played last year! In this game the guys pulled out all the stops to bring new mega death so i though i would share with you the ORK SUPA HEAVIES of the code.

First off Z Skullhamma By Warlord Tweedy

Next the sracth built STOMPA by Warlord Tweedy

Last but by no means least TRASH CAN STOMPA by Extreme Luko


Friday, 10 September 2010

Blogging and 2010 Objectives

OK, so not much activity on the blog the last 3 months why? Well the blog was a way of helping members of the code complete modelling projects and share them with the world. Well with all good intentions that is how it started but recently that has dried up. Firstly everyone has summer holidays and other commitments but i do intend to get some new stuff on here soon! In the mean time with 4 months to go of the year ive played 21 of the 24 games i intended to have this year! Painted only 37figures of the 100 i intended to paint and made the river and bridge. So actually in reflection the blog is helping focus efforts. Im currently working on a dwarven battle standard bearer who will be pictured up soon.

Back Soon!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Very little has been happening

Hi all,

Well ive been on holiday and decorated the dining room since the last post so not a lot of time for the hobby! Ive painted a few tomb kings as a fill in more than anything else. Ive got a tournament coming up, which is being run by hypasist on the 8th August. I will then post some pics up. In the mean time ill talk hypasist in to posting the big tooth pics as im my excitement i forgot to take my camera!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Hi all, a quick post today a few pics of Big Tooth River

The Big Tooth River game is this Friday and Saturday. After the event ill post some pics and a report. I will also show the completed Big Mechs workshop.


Monday, 7 June 2010

Big Toof River... Orky Ramps

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, and whilst I do have more Orky things to show... I can't possibly put them in the way of prying 'Oomie eyes, so for now you will have to satisfy yourselves with the WIP Ork Ramps I have scratched for our Great Big Toof recreation...

These have been agreed to have their own Kareen Style table should the Dangerous nature of the ramp claim a victim...

Naturally all Ork Players have declared that any Ork not using the Ramp will be shamed and made fun of as the runtiest Ork...

(basically these provide an alternative method of crossing the river, albeit a dangerous one. The only thing the Orks care about, is who is going to be first across!!)

Ok so onto business!
I still have a few more icons to place around the ramps themselves and they need to be shabbified just a touch more, but once the icons are in place these will be receiving a quick lick o paint from the Mek Workshop and be gracing the Ork side of the River.

I placed an Effigy of Gork (or possibly Mork) on Each Bridge for good Luck!

Ramp 1

Ramp 2

And Finally, Da Big Ramp!

so tonight is probably not going to see more ramp progress (particularly as the vertical struts to Da Big Ramp, are drying as we speak, however before Thursday they shall doubtlessly be festooned with more Orky Gubbins and had a lick o paint!

More Coming Soon...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Big Tooth Terrain More WIP

Hi All,

A quick update of the work myself and Lukodakka have been doing on the big tooth river terrain.

First up two pictures of the first completed river piece with ford crossing. We had some trouble deciding how to make it a ford but still make it look like the river ran through it i.e. so it didnt look like a dam. In the end we went for putting some water effects down in streams through the ford to show the water flowing from one side of the ford to the other. In the end we are quite please with the results.

Next we have a further wip shot of the main ork bridge. Luko has started to build the down ramps and these will be removable, for storage ease.

Ive also basecoated up the Mek's workshop form my last post and built a rock formation both will be shown in my next post.


Monday, 31 May 2010

Orky Mek Workshop WIP

Hi all,

Here is some more pictures of my Mek Workshop WIP, First two are before i coated up the foamboard and base.

The next two are after coating...

More updates coming soon, if anyone is wondering the turbine is a potato masher called a spudnik which my wife didn't like so i put it to good use!


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Terrain for Big Tooth

Hi all, A pic fest for you first off my completed rock surrounded building...

Pic 1

Pic 2

A completed Ork building

Pic 1

Pic 2

Mek's Workshop WIP

Luko Dakka's Orky Bridge over Big Tooth River WIP

As you can see we are going to a lot of effort to get some new terrain together for this game. Hope you like it? More pics of work in progress to come soon.


Friday, 21 May 2010

Big tooth

Hi all,

The code40K players have decided to play a game based loosely on the 'Big Tooth River' display from Games Day '97 on the 19th June'10. 10,000 pts a side The Waagh vs The Guard (sadly no Pretorians). Three problems we dont have a river, any orky buildings and any desert terrain. That means i get to work on the best part of the hobby for the next few weeks. Here is the picture of my first new building WIP.

and another

The great thing about building the river is it's been an objective of mine for years. Expect pictures of the river soon and a kick ass bridge made in conjunction with Luko Dakka.

More Soon

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

SVAX The Results Part Deux

Hi All,

As promised ill talk about game 2 from my SVAX weekend....

Game 2 Capture and Control
My Wolves VS Eldar (Larry a fine chap hailing from New Zealand)

As continued the theme this weekend Larry's Eldar were another beautifully painted army and nominated for the best painted award along with my first opponent.

As stated before my camera isn't the best but you can still get the idea how nice the eldar looked!

So the first thing Larry did is ask me if i wanted a drink so off we trundled to the bar. Thanks very much. The game itself was typical game against the eldar. One word describes it cagey. We, as always in capture and control had two objectives one in each deployment zone, but the boys from spikey had placed an additional bonus objective on the board. So unusually in an objective game i went first i placed my objective near the bonus objective giving me one point to defend instead of two and making it harder for my opponent. This defensive point was also in a building. So from this solid base i set out to try and attack Larry's objective which as it became apparent was difficult with the eldar popping around my flanks and shooting at the vinidacators side armour. The other problem which we didnt realise until it was too late is we played slow. Larry was a top guy and we got distracted talking all things 40K.

As we got to turn 3 as is usual in a capture and control we had Mexican stand off that is... until I got a good round of shooting off against the guardians and war walkers holding his objective removing most of these squads i sent in the fenrisian wolves (which all weekend long caught people out with how quick they move). This cleared his objective meaning i was now a winning position.

In to turn 4 (the last turn as we were slow) and i was undone by the classic eldar move meaning the eldar swooped the Jetbikes in and contested my objective making it a draw! Well as you noticed above i chose to go first which is unusual in an objective game and i nearly beat the eldar. As we always say, "just 1 more turn!"

The bonus objective was mine however, as there was no contesting on these objectives simply closest model claims it and i had surrounded it! This gained my team money to spend on upgrades for the forthcoming game.

Hope you enjoyed my Report?

Monday, 26 April 2010

SVAX The Results

Hi All,

What a weekend....... Fantastic I really cant believe I (and in LukoDakka's case) we havent tried this kind of thing before. I have no doubt all the guys from the code will post up their thoughts on the weekend's action.

Anyway before i begin to go on about how the weekend went for me the final results are here

Ive also decided that my camera is frankly at best rubbish at worst........ So i took a shed load of photos and most are unusable. A new camera maybe in order for this blogging malarky!

Right as i dont want this to be the longest post ever written (not likely) ill talk about my first game.

EARTHFALL (modified planet strike mission)

Doc's Wolves 1500 VS Simon's Mechanium Themed Deamon Hunters 1500

First off Simon's army absolutely blew me away (not literally in gaming terms) with the standard of the painting the thought behind the background, the conversions and the clever use of epic models.

This army was cleary picked purely by theme and indeed if you have already read the results (link above) then you will know he won best painted army! Fair play and well deserved.

On to the game....... (not a full battle report don't worry)

Earthfall is basically a planet strike mission with one objective to defend. I defended and Simon attacked sort of.... To be fair i can sum this game by producing a list of the spectacular dice show that we had in turn 2, here goes....

Grand Master had to make 4 standard terminator armour saves he proceeded to roll all 1's.

I say, "ill just shoot my assault cannon at the land raider to get it out of the way before i assault it" (Oh i definately got it out of the way) 3 hits produce one 6 in the penetration roll rolling an additional 6 for the D3 extra and then rolling a 6for damage.

I shoot 2 krak missile's at his dreadnought producing 1 hit followed by a 6 for penetration and then another 6 for damage.

I wasnt immune to the bad luck though either i made 5 armour saves on the long fangs from a round of shooting failing them all!

Sometimes its truly amazing what 40K can throw up and im not sure ill forget that turn for a very long time! As for the result it was pretty difficult for Simon to come back from that position after turn 2 and i got a victory in the first game hoorah! Simon and me laughed hard with this game. He was a top bloke and deserved his best painted army award. So here's another pic!

More on SVAX soon


Friday, 23 April 2010

OK 12 Hours till SVAX!

OK the last day before SVAX. Here is the picture of the dreadnought finished as promised. Not the greatest paint job as i rushed it a little as I helped out Luko Dakka with a few orksies. Here therfore is the Burna Boyz which i got given at 2pm this afternoon and they weren't even undercoated. They are needed for SVAX tommorow. What do you think of my speed paint job?