Friday, 21 May 2010

Big tooth

Hi all,

The code40K players have decided to play a game based loosely on the 'Big Tooth River' display from Games Day '97 on the 19th June'10. 10,000 pts a side The Waagh vs The Guard (sadly no Pretorians). Three problems we dont have a river, any orky buildings and any desert terrain. That means i get to work on the best part of the hobby for the next few weeks. Here is the picture of my first new building WIP.

and another

The great thing about building the river is it's been an objective of mine for years. Expect pictures of the river soon and a kick ass bridge made in conjunction with Luko Dakka.

More Soon


  1. This looks epic man, nice work. Great blog, just found you this morning.

  2. Thanks Bud, ill post more pics soon

  3. I really look forward to this, I too am in love with the river idea.