Saturday, 27 September 2014

Worcester War 3 - Nearly Ready... The Characters: Inquisitor, Rune Priest, Thunderwolf Lord

Evening All,

Doc here...  Haven't been on here for a while and in my absence I have been quite busy preparing for Worcester War 3 and working on my pre heresy death guard.   Ill save the death guard for another day.  So today's post is about characters in my army for the upcoming Worcester War 3.

Originally I had intended to go with the Death Guard but white takes so long to paint and I realised I wasn't going to make it.  So I have reverted to my space wolves.  Although the army is far off my current standards (in terms of painting quality) I wanted to add some new elements to go in it along with the fact the codex is also quite new.

I have been working of my Thunderbear (alternative thunderwolf) Lord.  If you want to read more about him please go here and here.  He's not quite finished but has progressed and will be finished by the end of the week.  It has to be finished the event is next weekend!

I have also converted up a new Rune Priest using the Dark Angel librarian from Dark Vengeance. Essentially I:

  •  cut off all the DA iconography
  • swapped his arm out
  • used a space wolf shoulder pad
  • used a space wolf back pack
  • added a space wolf knife
  • added a wolf pelt to the right arm
He's painted to match the rest of the army and was bashed out quite quick but I'm happy he will match in with the other space wolves

Next up I decided to make use of the inquisitor codex for the first time and my fellow code player Red Mist hooked me up with this Inquisitor (Thanks buddy).  I've gone for the classic inquisitor colours of red and black.  Again painted quickly  but a good result for the amount of time and I wanted him on the table.

All this leaves me to be ready for next weekend is to finish the thunderbear and convert up 3 servo skull markers.  I may also make myself some 1-6 markers for maelstrom missions.  As always comments and constructive criticism is welcome.

Thats all folks

Doc out...

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Chapter on its way to full strength

Another month has flown by but at least I have been painting.

Two important events have happened that should improve my blog posting regularity:

  1. I have signed up to this years Tale of Painters on the Warseer forums
  2. I have new phone which hopefully takes better pictures

the aim of the tale of painters is top paint about 2000pts over the course of 12 months. that is 200pts a month with 2 joker months in case you are a bit busy.

As ever I will be expanding my Marines towards Chapter strength along with a little bit of inquisition to keep an eye on them.

currently this month I have been painting:

Tactical Squad
Venerable Dreadnought
Landspeeder (9th one!)
3 servo skulls
Drop Pod

This month I am doing far more than the 200pts because next month I am in the States for over half of it and won't be getting much done and I don't want to use my jokers just yet.


most have these have had their base coats done and most of their highlighting. I am currently working on the details and will be ready for the 1st months entry in the tale.

and finally some better pictures of the Inquisitor that will be keeping an eye on the Marines