Thursday, 4 June 2015

Stormwolf Showcase - Preparation for Worcester War 4

Hi All,

So after committing to the armies of the Imperium team for Worcester War 4 I worked out some lists and realised that left me some stuff to paint.  As usual I am good at painting to deadlines and so have knocked out an additional terminator, new weapon options for my land speeder, a stormwolf and 5 necromunda gang members since Sunday!  All these models are speed painted but are designed to match a force the bulk of which was painted many years ago.  It seems little point in changing a scheme unless you plan to go back and re paint the lot.  Pictures I here you cry oh go on then...

 Stormwolf: (No 1 tip and I should know better don't glue the canopy in with super glue!  It frosts up and looks terrible)

Additional Wolf Guard Terminator:

Necromunda Gangers:

You may notice my ganger's are a bit of a mix.  I have recently returned to the game after many years away and I don't have a full gang of the same models so instead I use a mixture of chaos cultist models, guard models and the odd necromunda model from back in the day.  When not in use for necromunda they go back into my cultists or renegade guard army.  Multi-Use models huzzah!

This is a solid 17 painting points haul here see the side bar for more details. As always constructive comments are most welcome.


DOC out