Thursday, 20 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Here is my First fully painted bike squad

I just need to get a base for the Attack bike.

my review of the year.....GREAT!

2 strong showings at tournaments with my drop pods. Beating the all conquering ORK KAN army in the process.
Getting a lot of my back log of models painted (I can now see the end of my unpainted models)
6th edition. so much more FUN.

what will 2013 bring? well with the imminent release of the Dark Angel Codex that will be my first purchase.and some of their new fancy models. these will complement my Ravenwing and the DV models.

I will build a games board that is easy to store and move around.

I hope to go to the SVA and Carnage Tournaments in the early part of the year. and maybe some other events would be nice.

Have  a great Christmas and Happy Geeking for the New Year

Sunday, 25 November 2012

The numbers are increasing

I have at last managed to get a lot of my models build and under-coated. this has given me a solid base to get some serious painting done.

I bought the limited edition dark vengeance box set and here is the tactical squad from it:

They just need a ride now!

and like Boss Bloodtoof (who steals all my good ideas) i am a big fan of drop pods. i have 7 at the moment and intend to build a full drop company. here is the 1st tactical squad and their drop pod transport.

and with DOC copying my tactics with his crafty bike purchases, this one is one of the Ravenwing that I converted to my chapters colour scheme.

not sure what to paint next, terminators more bikes or so Dark vengeance characters.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A New Hope

Hi All

I've been collecting and painting my space marine chapter, The Thunderbolts, for about 10 years now. In all that time I've amassed a lot of models, most of which are built but unpainted as I am continuosly flitting from one project to another. Several years ago I bought a drop pod army but never got round to getting it done, so I've played a variety of vehicle and infantry lists over the years with reasonable success but always in the back of mind was the idea that if only i had more pods built I could field that list I've always fancied. With next years tournaments just around the corner and  with the new rules in mind I've written a new version of the drop pod lists I want to try and have started painting the models I'll need to fill it.
First up is a new commander, a mighty hero of the chapter who will lead them to inummerable victories over the forces of darkness!! (or at least I hope so)
This will be my Chapter Master (counts as Pedro Kantor) enabling me to field the awesome Sternguard Veterans as scoring units, should be able to drop on or near an objective, clear it with Pedros help and their cool ammo options and then also move in and hold it. (best laid plans and so on....)
Anyways, more to come in later posts revealing my new list ideas, for now here are a few pics of the finished Chapter Master (yet to be named) counts as Pedro Kantor.
The banner is my second attempt at hand painted and I'm pleased with the result.
As usual all comments and critiques are welcome.

Boss Bluddtoof


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pre Heresy Death Guard The Start

Hi All

DOC back to 40K post...

So my last post i talked about playing SAGA for a change up from 40K.  So with the release of 40k 6th edition it drew me back in again.  The rules are the best set yet in my opinion.. and the rulebook is far easier to interpret.

So with money short at the moment, this new project started with the aim being how can you get the most use out of your models for your buck?  For years ive dabled with CSM but not really got the project off the ground.  I had been given a load of chaos stuff by Red Mist years ago but not got round to it.  It also seemed an appropriate project given the rumours (at the time) of the impending release of the new chaos codex. 

So the Code Crew went off to Games Day UK and extremeluko picked up the forgeworld book betrayal featuring the first pre heresy lists and primarchs.  I picked up Dark Vengeance  and it was if the penny had dropped at that moment.  Why not paint the core of the army so it could be used as a Space Marine Army, A CSM Army and be used as a Legion List from forgeworld. 

So i decided to paint some test models. I started off with the idea to have a go at a Word Bearer, Alpha Legionaire, Thosuand Son and Death Guard. All in pre heresy colours. I abandoned the Word Bearer and Alpha Legion guy early they were just not doing it for me. The other two i completed.
Obviously from the title i plumped for the Death Guard and the test model is shown below:

So now ive finnally decided its full speed ahead...  Both the Marines and CSM from DV will be painted in the same colour scheme.  The DA symbols will be all carfeully scraped away.  As cash is tight i will be stripping old models and re building them to paint for this Army.  Ebay will also be my best friend as i look to build this army towards SVA13 next year.  Some pics of my work desk:

I picked these up off EBAY:

More pics and explanation of painting to come stay tuned.


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saga an Introduction

So where has Doc been??
The answer something different??
Over the last two or three months i havent blogged but i also havent been idle.  Myself and Andy have discovered a new gaming club not too far from home at:
So we thought we would go along and have a look.  So to cut a long story short we really enjoyed the atmosphere, people and facilities.  For those in the Midlands UK i highly recommend it and have a look at the website above.
A lot of the guys at Wyvern play a game called SAGA an historical wargame.  We decided to give this a go and see what it would be like to play a new system.  What also made the game attractive was the skirmish scale and the realitively cheap access to the game. 
Having only played GW systems it was quite an eye opener using a completely new system.  The system uses an order phase to activate your units for a turn.  The most basic game also starts off with just 4 units ranging from 4 models to 12 models depending on the ability level of the unit.  If you would like to know more check out:
Having played one game we were hooked no exageration it was a breath of fresh air and such a nice change!  So i went for a starter scots warband which you can see pictured below.  To really pull us in to this new experience the club decided to run a SAGA day on the 15th September.  This gave me a target to paint to aswell something that always motivates me! 
So with a target in mind i set about my 4pt warband with the main aim of trying something different to my general darker affair i paint for 40K.  For the first time in some years i painted off a white undercoat and built up the base colours and let the washes do the shading followed by a highlight.  I also had fun with hand painted shield designs and some war paint!  Anyway please take a look below:

So im hoping ive wet your appetite to something new??  If you would like to see some more painted SAGA check out Stuart's blog at:
If you would like to read about the SAGA day Wyvern Wargamers held please click link above.  There is an intention to hold another in the new year!
So what does my SAGA future hold???  Well an expansion of course to 6pts....  I will be adding a Heathguard Cavalry Unit and 12 Levie Archers.  I will post these up when they are done.
To sign off try it you might just like something new!!

Paladins last

Well at last i have finished my 20 Paladins. They were due to be ready for the 1st week in July, so only 4 months late!

here are the last 5

here are some close ups

so the next question is what am I up to next? the answer is.....


so these were purchased from Hyspaspist before he moved to Canada. i have always like the Ravenwing and i have been on the end of a beating or 2 from them in the past. i think that if i paint the white wings yellow then they should fit neatly into my army colour scheme.

and here is an example

i got 4 ravenwing boxes and 2 land speeder typhoons and a master of the ravenwing in a speeder. i also have 8 unbuilt bikes from my previous attempt to start a bike list, and also 6 unbuilt dark vengeance bikes and an unbuilt speeder. i have got another 8-10 bike and an attack bike in a bit of poor condition off eBay.


to go with my Heavy Flamer and Multimelta squad

these bad boys have more than made their points back

2 typhoons

you can also see some of my eBay bike.

in total i think i have enough for a full mobile company

command squad
5 full 8 man bike squads and attack bike (which can break down to raven wing attack squads if need be)
3 * 3 speeder squads

I think I also have a spare bike for either a librarian or chaplain.

hopefully my next post won't be so long away.


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

40K Apocalypse game; Imperium vs Nurgle

So a few weeks ago we had one of our occasional Apocalypse games, this time it was to be an alliance of Space Marines and Imperial Guard vs the minions of Nurgle in the form of Traitor Marines and Daemons. We played 5k per side (less than usual for us) and by setting a 45 min time limit per player turn we got a full 5 turn game in and fought to a decisive conclusion in a single day! (This is a major achievement for us as usually we spend so much time gassing, boasting, arguing over rules and generally catching up, some of us live quite a way aways,that we often need 2 days and still don't finish a large game.
The game was great fun, we used 6 objectives which scored points equal to the turn number in every player turn that they were controlled, only walkers and infantry could score. We also used the random objective rules from 6th ed which are a nice twist but ultimately had little or no effect in this game. Ultimately the imperial forces took a proper shoeing in points by the end of the game (with less than 1/2 the nurgle score) mainly because we started with lots of tanks on the board and didn't control objectives quickly enough, allowing the forces of evil to gain a massive buffer of points.
By the end of the game though the imperial forces had almost full control of 2/3 of the board, the nurgle plaguereaper had gone apocalyptic and we still had a the majority of our troops alive.
We looked at the aftermath and agreed if the fight was to continue the imperials had a good chance of clearing the chaos filth away.....
Alas it wasn't to be, time was up and we had to teleport out to the braying of our victorious foes...

Here's some pics of the day.....