Wednesday, 10 October 2012

40K Apocalypse game; Imperium vs Nurgle

So a few weeks ago we had one of our occasional Apocalypse games, this time it was to be an alliance of Space Marines and Imperial Guard vs the minions of Nurgle in the form of Traitor Marines and Daemons. We played 5k per side (less than usual for us) and by setting a 45 min time limit per player turn we got a full 5 turn game in and fought to a decisive conclusion in a single day! (This is a major achievement for us as usually we spend so much time gassing, boasting, arguing over rules and generally catching up, some of us live quite a way aways,that we often need 2 days and still don't finish a large game.
The game was great fun, we used 6 objectives which scored points equal to the turn number in every player turn that they were controlled, only walkers and infantry could score. We also used the random objective rules from 6th ed which are a nice twist but ultimately had little or no effect in this game. Ultimately the imperial forces took a proper shoeing in points by the end of the game (with less than 1/2 the nurgle score) mainly because we started with lots of tanks on the board and didn't control objectives quickly enough, allowing the forces of evil to gain a massive buffer of points.
By the end of the game though the imperial forces had almost full control of 2/3 of the board, the nurgle plaguereaper had gone apocalyptic and we still had a the majority of our troops alive.
We looked at the aftermath and agreed if the fight was to continue the imperials had a good chance of clearing the chaos filth away.....
Alas it wasn't to be, time was up and we had to teleport out to the braying of our victorious foes...

Here's some pics of the day.....


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