Friday, 31 May 2019

New Games Room / New Scenery

Hi All,

I have been fortunate enough to be able to convert the back half of my garage into an office / games room and I thought you fellow geeks would like to see it.  I am sure it is something we all want.  I have certainly wanted one for several years.  My wife is very happy to have now deposited me and all "my stuff" out of the house!

Anyway the whole process took about 3 weeks as was undertaken by mums partner a builder by trade very handy person to have in the family! and thanks Roy!

Some pictures...

Pre electrics and wall units

My dual desk left hand side is painting right hand side is working at home space.

The hobby cases bookcase needed in all good geek rooms!

Table set up enough space to move around (happy man)

First game ever which of course I had to loose! Although I did steal the initiative! 

Lastly an unrelated to the new hobby space a picture of some recently painted shipping containers.  These were fun and the transfers from really helped level them up.

That's it hope you like my new space....


Doc out......................

Friday, 24 May 2019

Necrons Prepare for Battlefield Birmingham Doubles 2019

Hi All,

I am busy preparing for Battlefield Birmingham doubles on the 8th and 9th June.  Me and Redmist have decided to take our long standing force of the Necrons.  So in order to do the some new reinforcement were in order starting with some additional destroyers.  Why destroyers because as everyone knows they are the best unit in the current codex...

The paint job is designed to match the scheme of many years and is easy to reproduce and effective.  I do like the Necrons for getting stuff on the table quickly!  Next up is a new Cryptek!  Now this mini has moved to my new favourite Necron mini it has a great pose, so much detail, imposing and was just cool to paint.  So despite the simple scheme I tried to level up the metal work with the highlighting etc...  See what you think.

So hopefully you like these two new additions to my army.  Constructive feedback is always welcome.  Soon I will be sharing Redmists Seraptek Heavy Construct!


That's all folks

Doc out............... 

Friday, 3 May 2019

Imperial Knight Paladin Showcase

Posted on Behalf of Trevdog

Such a long time since I posted on the blog, and really happy to get something finished. It's a big'un. My Paladin Knight!

I got it when the Box set with two in came out. I grabbed one on its own from Worcester Wargames. 
I've built quite a bit in my car, sat in the car park, before going into work and the knight was one of them. 15-20 minutes each time and slowly the model took shape, almost like a Mechanicus Tech Priest toiling over his work, murmuring liturgies and oiling the components with revered care......

I didn't paint it in the car, although you may think so from the paint job.
I wanted a quick and easy paint scheme so primed with grey after seeing the White Warden model in the codex. Kept the armour plates off and primed the skeleton in black, over brushed with silver then inked with brown and black.  A little silver dry brush in places helped for some areas.
The plates took most of the time, and I almost forgot to say, the basing took a while too.
The crazy paving affect didn't send me too insane. I just wanted it finished while I had the time.
I'm just happy to have a big boy ready for battle. 

Ed's comments (DOC) I really like the marble effect armour panels and the the sword motif.  This model is quite bright so the dark base works really well fair play Trevdog! 

That's my comments but as usual folks please leave constructive comments for Trevdog to read.


DOC and Trevdog