Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Arming for the Cypra Incident.......Looted Wagon

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with another update on my work for Waaagghhhh! Bluddtoof and our narrative campaign; "The Cypra Incident; Birth of The Beast of Cypra"
This time it's a shiny new Looted Wagon....

This is the fourth one I've built over the 20 years since I started this army, and definitely my favourite so far. It's based on a leman russ chassis which I widened and reversed the track sections. Then it was a simple matter of taking weapons from my bits box, the kilkannon was a spare from a battle wagon kit, the zap gun is actually a Forge world big zzappa but I like the oversized nature. The rokkits are old white metal from the depths of a 30 year old bits box, I frankly have no idea, please let me know if you recognise em.

Here's a few more angles...

I love this model and I had a blast painting it, I applied a lot of sponge weathering and a combination of blended washes and weathering powders to try for a really grubby look. After the near catastrophe of the Deffkoptas I really reined in the colour palette for this and focused on a very red look.
I also did this on the last model for the next campaign mission; a wazbommblastajet which will be the subject of my next post.

Hope you like this, as ever C & C welcome.


Thursday, 3 January 2019

Arming For The Cypra Incident; Deff Koptas

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with another update on my progress towards the next game in our narrative campaign; The Cypra Incident. This has been running for a couple of years now but it has achieved our shared goal of incentivising both of us to paint up our outstanding kits. We were talking about this a couple of months ago and have an end point for the campaign in mind; 3 games to go with mission 5 scheduled for early Feb 2019, hopefully mission 6 later in the year and the big finale sometime in 2020. That last mission will be a monster with us fielding almost everything we can!

Onto the latest completed project for the Beasts forces in the Cypra Invasion....

6 shiny new Deff Koptas, this makes a total of nine in my collection. If you're old enough you'll spot that this is the kopta contingent from 3 Assault on Black Reach box sets. Also where 3 of my marine dreadnought came from! And yes that's how long overdue these bad boyz are! So scratch one from the  to do list.

More pics...

I diverged from my old ork paint style again, as I have been doing with recent models, trying to bring the style up to date with my improving skills but at the same time keeping the models look in line with the existing army. This has worked well with recent stuff but with these koptas I think I went with too many bold colours, they don't have the red look common the my older stuff but they should blend in ok in a larger force. Not to self to make sure in future to keep plenty of red panels in there!

Hope you like em. C & C welcome as ever.