Saturday, 31 March 2012

Eldar Corsairs W.I.P.

Hi All

Bluddtoof here, rested and recuperated after 2 weekends of hardcore gaming!
SVAXII and Carnage were both awesome fun and a great success for me, seeing me get my best results yet at both tournaments; 4 wins and 1 loss at SVA resulting in 12th place on VPs and 6th place on Campaign Points, at Carnage I managed 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses and had an absolute blast with my Orky footsloggin army. As ever my unit of renown was Grotzookas Kanz, they are quite possibly the best unit in the Ork codex point for point, they smashed everything they faced in all the games I played over both weekends and are a shoe in in almost every list I take.

However now onto something new:

My new project for the coming year; Eldar Corsairs.
Having recently decided, after 20 odd years of collecting and painting GW miniatures, that it was time I did some Eldar stuff and deciding to look at collecting a small Eldar army I bought the latest I.A. book, Doom Of Mymeara, and after reading most of it was instantly attracted to the corsair list and the potential for a high BS jet packing list, maneuverable, shooty and nice to look at!
So last weekend as I was at Warhammer World for the Carnage tournament I bought myself the bulk if the resin stuff for a 2k list focusing on jetpack units with wasp,hornet and warp hunter support.
I've made a start on the first corsair and am trying a golden scaled armour scheme, below are the first photos of the w.i.p.

White spray undercoat followed by base coat of Iyanden Darksun and then a wash of Devlan Mud. Then a coat of Shining Gold leaving the recesses shaded.

Then a highlight layer of Burnished Gold
This will be followed by successive highlights mixing in Mithral Silver. Piccies to come over the next few days.

Friday, 23 March 2012

SVA XII - A Mek's Perspective, Part I

Good Morning Code Fans :)

Well as Doc said, SVA was yet again a cracking weekend, and thanks as always go to the Spiky Club (and in particular Ben) for another great campaign weekend. To anyone who has never been before, get your name down next time, it's a shoe in for fun!

so... onto the highlights of the weekend.

Unlike the last two previous years, where the 'good guys' and 'bad guys' were split off into teams of four within eachcampaign team, this year it was simply a straight up two sided affair. This required a LordCOmmander for the Good Guys, and a Lord Commander for the Bad Guys.
Naturally, the So-Called Goodies had some sort of democratic voting system whereby a commander was elected (although, frommy understanding, it was more a case of every other good guy taking a step back, leaving Toonboy standing front and Centre!)

The Bad guys 'Did it Proper!' Dan from Team Hate and myself both had designs on the Lord Commander position, and what better way to resolve it in the 30 minute 'planning period' than by having a Super-Heavy-Off, Stompa Vs Chaos Warhound.

The two would-be Generals got straight down to it and fire arced across the battlefield as glorious shouts of bloodlust rang out....

(meanwhile... several members on the side of disorder were dishing out missions in fear that the 'generals' would spend so much time pummeling each other that there would be no planning time left.... how RIGHT they were!) :)

Finally, after many rockets, Turbo Laser Destructors, and general mayhem (and to my very great surprise) Da Supa-Dakka Beakie-Smasha was Triumphant over the Glory of Woe, and so it came to be that The Code were in control of BOTH sides for the weekend!

and so onto the games!

Game 1 - Big Mek Stompnutz Tankmob vs Alex Walker's Space Wolves.

Well firstly, what a thoroughly nice Chap... easily one of my favourite opponents of all time. (And his army contained lots of old school models as well, which is always nice to see!)

The mission was... well I didn't really read it that hard, Iwas just intent on having a blast!

Here is how the game looked after ourDeployments and his Turn 1...
Bjorn the Fell Handed lead the charge and there was an awful lot of Carnage... to cut a long story short, Alex won 10 Kill Points to 6, and a thoroughly deserved Victory it was too! I had fun with my Grot Tanks, they weren't, to be fair, super effective, however they were fun, they shot loads, and amazingly difficult to kill!

Perhaps taking a lead from their Commander, the Forces of Disorder and not had a good first turn, and were slightly behind the Forces of Order...
That was until the Order Quartermaster spent as many points as possible and the Good Guys put a load of mercenaries into bat (and they started round 2 on less points that the bad guys.... a turning point?!)

Particularly of note here was the underhanded use of an Inquisitor and his retinue being added to a good guys Kill Team by the Forces of Order, effectively turning a 400 vs 400 into a 520 vs 400 shoot fest... More on this later!

Game 2 - Hypaspist Vs Darth Darlow - Apocalypse. the return of the Stompa!!!

Without a Super Heavy, it was looking serious for the Inquisitor, however I seriously underestimated the Vindicare Assassin, and after two Turns of my Stompa wreaking absolute havoc, the Vindicare got a shot in on the big boy...

...he Hit

...He Penetrated...

...He got a Chain reaction....

...He got another Chain Reaction....

....and took off the last structure point....

...and then the Stompa blew up, taking two more kill kans down, immobilising a Deff Dread, and ripping the close combat weapons from another two Killa Kans...

All of a sudden, the tide had turned!

the rest of the game involved trying to Batter as many inquisitorial forces as possible and prevent them getting the objectives, Whilst Darth valiantly tried to Ground my remaining walkers.

In the end, a last turn objective grab sealed the win for the Bad Guys, but it was a very close run thing and I had the feeling I had got away with an undeserved victory (losing a stompa in a 2000 point game is quite the blow!)

...and what happened, I hear you ask, in the imbalanced Kill team game?

...Not satisfied with being outnumbered and outgunned already, Doc decided to forget to deploy 4 of his models, making an already difficult challenge much more difficult.

Nevertheless the Binary transmission came in at the end of the Round that the Necrons had managed an astonishing against-the-odds victory!

and the Forces of Disorder were beginning to pull away...

Next time, we'll see Turn 3, 4 and 5 and what happens when a dreadmob Defends a Planetstrike mission, and the Lord Commanders clash, the painting competition results, and a full picture of the Dreadmob in all it's glory...

For now However, I shall leave you (as it's time to get to Carnage!) with my planetstrike deployment...

Hypa Out!

Monday, 19 March 2012

SVAXII in Pictures and few words

Hi All

DOC here, ok so the dust has barely settled on SVAXII and what a great weekend was had by all!  So normally what happens on the CODE40k blog is we all go crazy to get everything finished for SVA and all the vast majority of posting happens from Jan to March each year.  This year will be different....

Im not going to talk about lists or stats....  what i would like to talk about is the motivation it gives you seeing all the different painted armies.  HYPA has taken a shed load of photos which will be posted up in due course.  Some teesers from my mobile:

I would also encourage everyone to look at Ben's (Campaign weekend organisers Blog) where he has posted some great photos and talked through some of the highlights from the weekend.  He was a top guy and put in some serious effort so we could all have a shed load of fun.

Thats All for now folks


Friday, 16 March 2012

Necrons Completed for SVAXII

Hi All,

DOC here with my promised update, i have completed all what i need for SVAXII this year.  In fact all i have left to complete what i own is:

10 Deathmarks, 10 Immortals, 20 Warriors and a another Ghost Ark.

My new plan is to complete the entire army before moving on to my next project the Realm of Battle Board.

This weeks work is below the annihilation barge and a converted cryptek.

Signing off to enjoy a great weekend gaming with the code and spiky guys.  Ill post some updates of how all it all goes and some pictures of cool models.


SVA Reserves.

Just in the nick of time reserves arrive from Krieg to bolstered the 707th Inquisitorial Response Force heading to SVA VII tomorrow.
I only hope their transport arrives from the motor pool in time...

Thursday, 15 March 2012

SVA countdown.

The Death Korps have been delayed by a solar storm but will hopefully make an appearance on Pants Painting friday.
In the mean time here's some not very grey Knights.
I wanted an Inquistion army without any power armour in it as I get very bored painting it, I'm a child of the 80's and grow up drybrushing everything so layering and blending are a dark art to me which I can't get the hang of. Old dogs, new tricks ect, ect.
With SVA expaining to a 2k list and I already being tight on time I went for a Purgation Squad with Razorback to fill in the points, I'll replace then with more of the Krieg boys in the future.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Darth Dread

Here's the Dreads sporting scratch built Auto Cannons inspired by Hypa's Mek workshop.
I'll post some WIP pics after the panic that is SVA in the next few weeks.
Tomorrow should see the Death Korps reinforcements arriving...

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SVA Project nears completion.

Well with only 4 days left until SVA things are coming together, there's still 5 tanks and my converted Coteaz to go but there's light at the end of the tunnel now.
Here's the Psykers and their Death korps handler. (more of the Korps to follow)
Tomorrow I'll post the Dreads and their Tech...

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Necron Destroyer Lord and Canoptek Spyders

Hi Code Fans,

DOC here with more Necron pictures. So less than a week to go to SVA 12 all i have left to finish is 1 cryptek and 1 annihilation barge both of which have base colours done already.

So today ive finished painting..... My Destroyer Lord

And ive finished my Spyders in preparation for my farming!

So probably be only one more post before SVA next weekend showing the final completion of the army.  Between us we aim to take some photos of the best painted armies from the weekend.

On that note ....coming soon to the code40K blog

Painting and Flocking a GW Realm of Battle Battlefield
Darth Darlows stunning inquisitor army
Necron Characters
Luko Dakka's new army....
Hypaspist's completed STOMPA.

The Easter Warhammer Fantasy Weekend including a battle report.

So lots of new stuff coming soon, please let us know feedback and we will endeavour to improve things as we can.


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sneak Peak The Henchmen

Here's a little teaser for what's to come, and the reason why I haven't posted for weeks.

Friday, 9 March 2012

The Mekshop Paints-up

Well... It's time for me to come clean.

My Wife and Daughter got back from a month away and I didn't pick up a paintbrush for a significant amount of time... in fact, I took a long hard look at the nids and realised that I was never going to get them finished... so I have Switched my SVA army to my Imperial Armour 8 Orks...

... and was instantly happier about the decision.

Now whilst I didn't have enough time to paint up a bazillion Tyranid critters, I felt I *did* have enough time to paint up my Grot Tanks (more on them later) and also start a Stompa for the big 2000 Point game...

so, if you are going to SVA XII... and if you are on the (so Called) 'Good Guys' side... let me introduce you to Big Mek Stompnutz' latest crazy scheme...

it is simply entitled...

"Da Supa-Dakka Beakie-Smasha"

Built using the Imperial Armour 8 Kustom Stompa Rules, this ramshackle Titan sports such upgrades as The Gaze of Mork, a Deth Kannon with Coaxial Giga-Shoota, a Deff Arsenal (Shoulder mounted for extra special launch height!) and as many Big Shootas and Rokkits as I could reasonably fit onto it!

An Absolute 'Steal' at 740 points I assure you!

It is naturally still unfinished, however, the basics are there and it is being painted to fit in with my already Existing Dreadmob (in terms of colours) so without any further Ado....

Da Stompa!

More pictures to be released as I get more paintwork done :)

Now, onto the tanks....

You may remember seeing them at this stage...

They are now looking a lot better!

Now there is definitely some more detail work to be done (especially on the tanks with lights at the front!) but we are there or thereabouts, and I'm hoping these tanks will terrorise Beakies and Wimpy Guard alike in the coming weekends!!

Look out for some more Mek Updates (and a final publication for each list once I am all finished) over the next 7 days!

Hypa Out

Necrons Rise

Hi Geek Fams,

Re Mist here again... SVA is now very close only a week to go. I've just finished some Triarch Praetorians for DOC and thought I'd share them with you.

Particle casters and void blades and jump troops to boot... Fear them


Sunday, 4 March 2012


Waaaagghhhhhhh!!!!! Bluddtoof is ready to krush all dem beakies and spiky alien fingz wot iz in da way!!
All done so as promised a few pics of my SVAXII lists:
400pt killteam lead by Boss Bluddtoof.
1750pt planetstrike attacker, once more lead by Bluddtoof and his Meganobz;
1750pt planetstrike defender, with lotz ov eavy stuff!!
and this is the standard mission 1750pt, lots of trukks. Not as many as originally planned but time constraints scuppered that plan. I like this list tho and would take a version of it to Carnage 2012 at warhammer world but alas the trukks contain non GW bits in profusion so they might disallow it. So Carnage will see a footsloggin list. More on that in future posts tho.....
and finally the 2000pt list with allowance for a single Super Heavy choice and apocalypse formation....... oh yes Mr Stompy comes out to play!!!!
That's my Big Mek Stompa, almost entirely scratchbuilt from balsa, plasticard of one sort or another, a pair of vinyl cogs I "acquired" from the factory where I used to work a few years ago and a multitude of bitz from kits of all description. I built this about 5 years ago and was well pleased with it, still am in context, but I can do better now and over the next few months I'll be designing and building a new Kustom Stompa from the Kastorel Novem book.
But I digress.......
see below for Stompy badness..............
So that's it, nearly time to start getting excited....
I can feel the mighty Waaaaaaaggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! building............
SVAXII 'ere we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boss Bluddtoof da myti!!!!!