Sunday, 4 March 2012


Waaaagghhhhhhh!!!!! Bluddtoof is ready to krush all dem beakies and spiky alien fingz wot iz in da way!!
All done so as promised a few pics of my SVAXII lists:
400pt killteam lead by Boss Bluddtoof.
1750pt planetstrike attacker, once more lead by Bluddtoof and his Meganobz;
1750pt planetstrike defender, with lotz ov eavy stuff!!
and this is the standard mission 1750pt, lots of trukks. Not as many as originally planned but time constraints scuppered that plan. I like this list tho and would take a version of it to Carnage 2012 at warhammer world but alas the trukks contain non GW bits in profusion so they might disallow it. So Carnage will see a footsloggin list. More on that in future posts tho.....
and finally the 2000pt list with allowance for a single Super Heavy choice and apocalypse formation....... oh yes Mr Stompy comes out to play!!!!
That's my Big Mek Stompa, almost entirely scratchbuilt from balsa, plasticard of one sort or another, a pair of vinyl cogs I "acquired" from the factory where I used to work a few years ago and a multitude of bitz from kits of all description. I built this about 5 years ago and was well pleased with it, still am in context, but I can do better now and over the next few months I'll be designing and building a new Kustom Stompa from the Kastorel Novem book.
But I digress.......
see below for Stompy badness..............
So that's it, nearly time to start getting excited....
I can feel the mighty Waaaaaaaggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! building............
SVAXII 'ere we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boss Bluddtoof da myti!!!!!

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