Friday, 30 December 2011

A Quiet 2011, Roll on 2012

It's been a genuinely quiet Hobby year for me, despite going to SVA (in March, and being 3rd best player and 2nd best Domain!) and having the Battle for Big Toof part 2 (where yet again Da orks prevailed!)

However, next year I think will need to be busier as my backlog of Work is spiralling out of control, this is a perennial problem for Toy Soldier Enthusiasts... and doubly so for those who like to build and play more than paint... (err that would be me then!)

Therefore as it's appraisal time in the workplace, it's also Objective Time in the Geekplace!

and with that in Mind here are my Hobby and Gaming objectives for 2012!

Mandatory Hobby Objectives.
1) Complete a 2000 Point Tyranid Army for SVA & Carnage
Deadline 17th March 2012
Stretch Target - Complete 3000 Points!

2) Sell the CHaos Space Marine Models I have (with the Exception of the Thousand Sons, which I will build and paint as an optional
Deadline 30th June 2012

3) Complete a 2000 Point Beastmen Army for Fantasy
Deadline 31st August 2012
Stretch Target - Paint every Beastman model I've got! (3000 ish points)

4) Paint Deathwing Army - 3000 Points
Deadline 31st December 2012
Stretch Target - October 31st 2012

Optional Hobby Objectives.
Build aforementioned Thousand Sons Models
Scratchbuild an Ork Stompa (in the same vein as My Dreadmob from IA8)
Scratchbuild Another Ork Stompa (Yes, I really do have plans for 2!)
Build up all remaining Ork Models (approx 60 x Shoota Boys, 10 x Flashgit Conversions, 9 x Nob Bikers + Biker Boss)

It would also be really great to try to do a good enough Job of My Tyranids to get a Best Army Nomination at Either SVA or Carnage, so if this happens I'll consider it a Massive Bonus and I won't mind if I don't (because I appreciate there are much much better Painters out there!

and finally of course... to update this Blog more often, A Prime example of which would be the 12 x Grot Tanks and Fighta Bomm I scratchbuilt/converted for our Big Toof Game in October which I *Still* haven't posted! (See them in the first month of Next year!)

Gaming Objectives
1) Be in Possession of a Positive or Neutral Win/Loss Ratio at SVA.
I know Tyranids are considered to be behind the Curve, but I genuinely believe they can put up a good scrap in most games.

2) Be in Possession of a Positive Win/Loss Ratio at Carnage
However I perform at SVA, a week later, I should be doing better!

3) Play at Least 12 Non-Tournament Games of 40k in 2012.
This is a modest 1 per month total, but only because I hope to try and play more fantasy in 2012

4) Play at Least 12 Games of Fantasy in 2012
Compared to my Zero in 2012, this would also give me the incentive to get the Beastmen done!

So, if I reach all stretch targets (Yeah right!) This should leave me with only a 2000 Point Dark Eldar army to build and paint, 3000 Points of Dark Angels to paint, oh... and about 4000 More points of Tyanids to paint! (and let's not forget the permanent backlog of Orks!)
(and they call it Progress?)

Of course, the main thrust, like any Hobby year, will be to Enjoy it, so if I fall short in some areas, provided I have fun doing it, this will be the most important factor, becaue if you don't enjoy your Hobby...

...Why the Devil are you doing it?


Hypaspist Out!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Objectives 2011 update and 2012 targets

Hi All, Well i set targets for 2011 and didnt achieve many of them..... However 2012 will be different with a new job secured and majority of the DIY completed i can set myself some goals so without further adoooooooooo.... 2012 Objectives 1.Build and Paint Necron Army of 2K points for March 17th 2012 SVA here i come! 2.Build and Paint new gaming table (Tundra / Snow World) 3.Paint 2 units for the tomb king army 4.Update the blog more frequenty (once a month as a minimum) Lets see how i go.. DOC