Sunday, 28 July 2013

Pre Heresy Death Guard - Now I have Really Started!!

Hi All,

DOC is back,  So I will be posting more up about running events in the meantime post WW13 I have managed to get back into some of my own modelling projects.

So I have posted about my fledgling Pre Heresy Death Guard Army before here and here.  Since then I have come to some clear conclusions on how to progress and purchased quite a bit for the army.  The original plan was to paint one marine army which could be used as a Legion army, Space Marine Army and Chaos Space Marine Army.  To be frank after testing this out and comments from friends I have revised this. 

I am now concentrating on a Legion / Space Marine Army.  Separate to this will be a chaos army which I have painted some test mini's for however, Ill save that for another day.  So onto my Pre Heresy Death Guard (PHDG).  A number of models have been built and I am using a number of variant armour types; to be honest I cant afford to stick to forgeworld throughout the whole army.  So I have used some chaos marine parts, regular marine parts and icon removed dark vengeance marines in this first squad.  In future squads I have some Iron Armour forgeworld variants, Heresy Armour variants and I have used some Kromlech legs.  The army I hope will have a feel of being around and in battle for a prolonged period.

Ok on to the showcase of the first few models I have finished:

 This is just a regular marine form Dark Vengeance (DV).  This is my first attempt with the weathering powders.  I have used them to give the legs a real dirty finish and to add a burnt look to the vents on the backpack and gun barrels.  Overall I think I have the feel I want.  Having looked around the internet I have seen some really battle damaged PHDG but that wasn't the feel I wanted.  I have gone for a halfway house and I think I will stick with this throughout the army now.

The next two are the Plasma Cannon and Plasma Gun armed marines from DV.  This also brought a another new first Object Source Lighting (OSL).  I have seen this technique grow over the last few years and I thought I want to have a go at this.  I used blue as I thought this gives a great effect and I have recently seen some LukoDakka stuff done with a blue OSL which helped plant the seed.  What do you think all?  Any tips or good tutorials on OSL please leave a comment. 

On both the plasma weapons I also used the weathering powders to help with the burnt out effects on the end of the guns which I think aids the finish.  With my first use of the weathering powders I have learnt a few things: 

1. You can use them wet or dry and this dramatically changes the finish. 
2.  The models must be varnished afterwards to keep the weathering effect intact.
3. You can mix the powders to get different colours.
4.  A pot will last a long time, so now I realise yes they were quite pricy but I don't mind so much now!

Just for information these are the weathering powders I use.

Ok squad shots are next, well nearly a squad...  These models take a significant amount of time for me to paint with all the new techniques and the unforgiving nature of painting white.  Interesting thing about the squad is it consists of 2 chaos marine builds, 1 tactical build and 4 DV models and I think it still works.  Boss Bludtoof's suggestion on backpacks has worked as standardising these pulls the models together.  Finally I picked up the forgeworld PHDG transfer sheet and despite hating transfers I have done all these!  I will put all the icons on as I finish each model because if I leave too
many I will never go back to them!


Ok so this project will hopefully be my best painted army I have produced to date so no rushing will be taking place.  This project takes as long as it takes!  In terms of future posts I will share stuff as I finish more including a PHDG contemptor and Death Shroud Terminators which I am the proud owner of!  As I so passionate about this project feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Right I'm off as it's starting to thunder and I need to turn the computer off!


Friday, 19 July 2013

Eldar Corsairs, The New Base Colours

Hi All

Here's pics of the first corsair model with the base edging and lower surface repainted in shaded greys rather than the original silver.


I definitely prefer this, it will also lend itself better to the scenery set I will eventually build to match the army.
As ever comments please.


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators - The Beginning

I would consider myself a forgeworld fanboy, I actually do love it. So I've finally decided, that for my heresy army, I am going to plump for the instigators, the original bad boys, the Sons of Horus.
I recently picked up my first batch of Heresy era models at the Forgeworld Open day along with the Betrayal book. I've picked up Abaddon & Loken, some Justaerin Terminators & a pack of MKIII Iron armour marines with SoH shoulder pads and phobos pattern bolters.
I've decided to start with the 1st company Justaerin Terminators as I later want to move on to Abaddon so I think it will be nice to have him and his squad finished together.
Now we all know Forgeworld stuff costs a small fortune so the army will be bought in stages. That way I can do 2 things, await the Horus, SoH Contemptor and Catalan Reavers release & I can also save for the next batch whilst finishing what I have currently. Well thats the plan!
I am going to go to town and then some on these guys. I'm not interested in timeframe, they will take whatever they take. I'm going to be be doing every technique I know on these - hairspray, osl, chipping etc so i'm hoping for great results. We shall see :-)
So first things first, bases. Now in the past i've been an advocate of the resin bases but this time I wanted some thing a bit more custom. That way I can replicate it whenever I want, without having to buy a load more resin bases.
So here are the Justaerin Terminators bases built and now ready for basecoating
Made using a combination of wood chip/bark, sand, slate, guitar strings, copper wire, resin & brass bits from the 40k basing kit.
Next will be the terminator build, they are currently being snipped, filed & cleaned up including a little green stuff smoothing out.
Till next time
Luko Dakka

Monday, 15 July 2013

Eldar Corsairs, The New Project, The First Painted Model

Hi All

So here it is the first finished Corsair, I've really enjoyed painting this and I like the scheme, I wasn't sure about it which was why I started with just a single member of the squad.
It fulfils my philosophy of painting gaming miniatures; most of the time you'll be looking at them from 4-8 feet away so they need to stand out, with high contrast and bright colours. The vast majority of current armies I see online have a darker, more realistic and weathered paint scheme which may well be fantastically painted and looks amazing in a cabinet and I fully appreciate and applaud the skill and quality of such work but on the gaming table these kinds of finishes seem to disappear into the background, I like to see a well painted army stand out on the battlefield where it belongs.
Anyway enough of that... Here are some piccies of the finished Eldar Corsair with Shuriken Cannon.......

I think it's come out well, I'm particularly pleased with the yellow to white shading and the base however I'm not sure of the silver base, I may change it to a weathered concrete grey instead.
As ever feedback is always welcome.
Whilst I spend a couple of weeks mulling over this colour scheme I'll be painting a couple of bits for my marines...
Bye for now....


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Eldar Corsairs, The 1st Squad

Hi All

The bases are built as seen in my last post, so now for the squad itself. In terms of equipping them, I want to be able to stay at range and use their jet packs to keep moving so they need the longest range weapons available which means Lasblasters instead of shuriken catapults and I'll only be equipping 2 models per squad with special/heavy weapons, namely an Eldar missile launcher and a shuriken cannon in each squad. The fusion guns are nice but to use em you've got to be up close, not where I want my corsair infantry to be, I'll use my vehicle support and flyers for anti tank duties.
The squad will be churning out 24 lasblaster shots, 3 cannon shots and a missile each shooting phase at 24" range and then using jet packs to reposition in the assault phase. Sounds like a plan to me...

Anyway here's a few pics of the models themselves....

The models will be painted without their guns in place to make life easier, and then they'll be fixed in place once painted. As you can see in a couple of the pics I based the Felarch much earlier and originally had much fatter rivets but I didn't like em so I swapped to the filter balls method.
The models are nice to build, with the resin upgrade parts meshing easily with the plastic guardians.
The worst part was the flash on the jetpack vanes and quite a lot of warping in them too but they're nice and thin so were easy to reshape with just the warmth from my hands.
Next will be painting the first model to see if I like the colour scheme.....


Friday, 5 July 2013

Eldar Corsairs, My New Project, Modelling the Bases

Hi All

So Worcester War 13 has been and gone and now it's time to start something new.
Last year I went to Warhammer World with some of the code boys for the Carnage tournament and whilst there I picked a few nice forgeworld bits and pieces for my long planned Eldar Corsair army.
With the release of Doom Of Mymera last year I'd written a few little lists and knew roughly what I wanted, namely a jet pack heavy infantry army with some heavy vehicle support. So most of that is bought in one form or another and just waiting for some glue and paint....
To start with I'm doing a corsair squad to test out my new colour scheme, but before even that happens I needed to sort out how I was gonna base the army up, I don't see a bunch of space pirates sporting squad markings so how to differentiate the squads since they'll be equipped similarly if not identically? I took inspiration from a guy I played against at the Spikey Clubs SVAXIII tournament earlier this year; he had a lovely Deathwatch Marine army who's individual marines each had their own chapter badge on 1 shoulder pad but no squad markings, so he'd used a unique base design for each squad, with all models in a squad having the same style of base. I liked this idea and I've stolen it and modified for my own needs.
My army represents a corsair raiding party assaulting an imperial base, so the bases will be cut-away sections of flooring complete with girders and ducting under the floor. Each squad will be identified by the type of flooring material they're stood on.

The flooring discs cut out for the first squad;

The bases with girders added. These are plastruct girder sections cut roughly to size;

Pipes and cables added;

The bases complete with the pipes and girders cut/filed and sanded to the shape of the base and with the flooring discs fixed on top;

A base with rivets added;

The rivets are made from the tiny plastic balls you find inside water filter cartridges. Each cartridge contains thousands of them as shown here,

Just drill a hole in the surface a little smaller than the ball and pop one in, I used a pair of pointy tweezers. It's a little fiddly but worth it. The filter cost a fiver and I don't think I'll ever run out!!

 The bases for the squad with rivets and some pipework coming up through the floor on one of them, this will be duplicated throughout the army.

That's the bases done, next is modelling the squad itself.

Til next time........



Thursday, 4 July 2013

Worcester War The Results

Hi All,

DOC here so WW13 has been and gone.... and what an event it was.  I intend to do a few posts on the back of the event.  One to discuss what I have learnt about running an event, one to showcase the pictures and this one to congratulate the winners / publish the event.

So the results sheets are available here:



Ok so pic fest time, first off a massive thanks to Dave C and Cherrie for taking the pictures and then sending them over to me.

So the overall winner was Mr Dave Metcalfe or Toonboy 78 as he is known on the blog.

That's Dave on the left and me pulling one wacky face on the right!  Dave is no stranger to winning events and announced before the event you might aswell put my name on the certificate now.  Well he lived up to the bravado.  Who will knock him off the perch at the code's next event?  Dave's army:

In 2nd place overall we have Mark Platt from Cheltenham Warchiefs.  Congratulations and thanks to all the players from the chiefs who came up for the day.  If you are from that area and fancy having games with a great bunch of guys their club website is here.

Who says close assault is dead in 6th!!!!!!!

Watch out for the fly by!!!

3rd Place Overall went to our own Luke Hemming or Lukodakka as he is known on the blog.  Luke also took home 2nd Place in the painting competition. So here is a small showcase of his army:

So on to the overall painting winner that went to our Matt Tweedy Thompson who is known as boss bludtoof on the blog so naturally he won with his orks right nope the emperors finest and chapter of his own devising the Thunderbolts lightning strike in:

Anti Air Dread!!

Ok so Luko finished 2nd in the painting as explained above and in 3rd place we come to Jason Band's Tau army or Red Mist as he is known round these parts.  Unfortunately Jason had to run off quickly at the end of the event as the picture will show.

Lastly but by no means least we have the most sporting opponent winner.  This was won by Kurt Lewendon from the Warchief's.  For me Kurt optimised the atmosphere of the whole event fun and friendly! 

Well folks that's the run down of the winners at Worcester War 13.  We are currently in discussion to propose a winter war event in November time.  So I have masses of photos which I will be publishing in the future in other articles all that remains to be said is thanks for all those who attended.  I have learnt once again that which I already knew I cant pose for photos or can I..........