Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sons of Horus Justaerin Terminators - The Beginning

I would consider myself a forgeworld fanboy, I actually do love it. So I've finally decided, that for my heresy army, I am going to plump for the instigators, the original bad boys, the Sons of Horus.
I recently picked up my first batch of Heresy era models at the Forgeworld Open day along with the Betrayal book. I've picked up Abaddon & Loken, some Justaerin Terminators & a pack of MKIII Iron armour marines with SoH shoulder pads and phobos pattern bolters.
I've decided to start with the 1st company Justaerin Terminators as I later want to move on to Abaddon so I think it will be nice to have him and his squad finished together.
Now we all know Forgeworld stuff costs a small fortune so the army will be bought in stages. That way I can do 2 things, await the Horus, SoH Contemptor and Catalan Reavers release & I can also save for the next batch whilst finishing what I have currently. Well thats the plan!
I am going to go to town and then some on these guys. I'm not interested in timeframe, they will take whatever they take. I'm going to be be doing every technique I know on these - hairspray, osl, chipping etc so i'm hoping for great results. We shall see :-)
So first things first, bases. Now in the past i've been an advocate of the resin bases but this time I wanted some thing a bit more custom. That way I can replicate it whenever I want, without having to buy a load more resin bases.
So here are the Justaerin Terminators bases built and now ready for basecoating
Made using a combination of wood chip/bark, sand, slate, guitar strings, copper wire, resin & brass bits from the 40k basing kit.
Next will be the terminator build, they are currently being snipped, filed & cleaned up including a little green stuff smoothing out.
Till next time
Luko Dakka

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  1. Dude, I like the brass sections. They are going to make the termies quite a bit taller! Look forward to seeing them. Have you started a test model?