Monday, 15 July 2013

Eldar Corsairs, The New Project, The First Painted Model

Hi All

So here it is the first finished Corsair, I've really enjoyed painting this and I like the scheme, I wasn't sure about it which was why I started with just a single member of the squad.
It fulfils my philosophy of painting gaming miniatures; most of the time you'll be looking at them from 4-8 feet away so they need to stand out, with high contrast and bright colours. The vast majority of current armies I see online have a darker, more realistic and weathered paint scheme which may well be fantastically painted and looks amazing in a cabinet and I fully appreciate and applaud the skill and quality of such work but on the gaming table these kinds of finishes seem to disappear into the background, I like to see a well painted army stand out on the battlefield where it belongs.
Anyway enough of that... Here are some piccies of the finished Eldar Corsair with Shuriken Cannon.......

I think it's come out well, I'm particularly pleased with the yellow to white shading and the base however I'm not sure of the silver base, I may change it to a weathered concrete grey instead.
As ever feedback is always welcome.
Whilst I spend a couple of weeks mulling over this colour scheme I'll be painting a couple of bits for my marines...
Bye for now....



  1. I think this is cool, I agree the yellow to white finish on the wings is awesome. Most of all I love the texture of the finish. Even more so on the bone. The red gems give a great contrast. The only thing I don't like is silver base edge I don't know why just think it would look better in a darker colour.

  2. I agree. It's not varnished so I'll be trying something else. A charcoal grey maybe.

  3. I particularly like the green and how you've highlighted it. Its looks very smooth & yellow/bone also has a very smooth transition which is tough to achieve. As for the base, a darker colour would probably suit better but you may lose the lovely detail of your custom bases if its to dark. The concrete idea maybe the way to go dude.
    Anyway very nice.

  4. This looks great. Can't wait to see a squad of them. Was it easier to paint than the Thunderbolts?

  5. Thanks Dude.
    It was quite labour intensive, being the 1st one, I spent a lot of time thinking about it as I went along.
    It has a smaller pallette than the thunderbolts and no white so yes I'd say it was easier.
    There's more work gone into shading and blending tho and also the bases have far more work on them than anything I've previously done.
    Talking of the base, I've repainted the base edge and lower surface in a shaded grey finish. I quite like it. I'll post a pic soon for your perusal.