Saturday, 27 October 2012

Paladins last

Well at last i have finished my 20 Paladins. They were due to be ready for the 1st week in July, so only 4 months late!

here are the last 5

here are some close ups

so the next question is what am I up to next? the answer is.....


so these were purchased from Hyspaspist before he moved to Canada. i have always like the Ravenwing and i have been on the end of a beating or 2 from them in the past. i think that if i paint the white wings yellow then they should fit neatly into my army colour scheme.

and here is an example

i got 4 ravenwing boxes and 2 land speeder typhoons and a master of the ravenwing in a speeder. i also have 8 unbuilt bikes from my previous attempt to start a bike list, and also 6 unbuilt dark vengeance bikes and an unbuilt speeder. i have got another 8-10 bike and an attack bike in a bit of poor condition off eBay.


to go with my Heavy Flamer and Multimelta squad

these bad boys have more than made their points back

2 typhoons

you can also see some of my eBay bike.

in total i think i have enough for a full mobile company

command squad
5 full 8 man bike squads and attack bike (which can break down to raven wing attack squads if need be)
3 * 3 speeder squads

I think I also have a spare bike for either a librarian or chaplain.

hopefully my next post won't be so long away.



  1. Dave,

    Looking good i like the Banner thats very cool. Bikes you say.... Im doing some of those also! I think Bikes in 6th work really well!


  2. That's a lot of bikes dude!
    I feel a sudden need for vindicator spam!