Friday, 4 June 2010

Big Tooth Terrain More WIP

Hi All,

A quick update of the work myself and Lukodakka have been doing on the big tooth river terrain.

First up two pictures of the first completed river piece with ford crossing. We had some trouble deciding how to make it a ford but still make it look like the river ran through it i.e. so it didnt look like a dam. In the end we went for putting some water effects down in streams through the ford to show the water flowing from one side of the ford to the other. In the end we are quite please with the results.

Next we have a further wip shot of the main ork bridge. Luko has started to build the down ramps and these will be removable, for storage ease.

Ive also basecoated up the Mek's workshop form my last post and built a rock formation both will be shown in my next post.


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