Saturday, 22 October 2016

Arming for the Cypra Incident - The 19th Dicers Grow - WIP

Hi Folks,

Doc back with his latest work towards our narrative campaign "The Cypra Incident: Birth of the Beast".  With rule of cool well and truly in effect and the idea behind this mission meaning I need an armoured column this has left me with a lot of painting to do.  Knowing this work was coming meant I slipped all these projects on to my Confessions of a 40K addict hobby season list.

So what do you need to paint then Doc?

2 X Chimera's
1 X Taurox
3 more ratling snipers to take me to 10
1 X Master of Ordnance
2 X Psykers
1 X Vox
1 X Plasma
1 X Additional Command Officer

Eek crap that's a lot!

So first job was a load of building:

Two more chimeras both with different builds to my existing chimeras on the left a heavy bolter chimera and on the right a gifted chimera from boss bludtoof a heavy flamer variant.  The only thing I changed was the head on the gunner because it was a cadian and this army is mainly based on catachans.

Kit bashed master of ordnance, simples but effective...

These are the spare track sections which boss bludtoof has accosted for building mek guns, look forward to seeing these later in the campaign.

Decided to go without a different load out on this taurox to the first autocannons and mini battle cannon.

As you can see a lot of building including my second taurox using the victorian minatures parts.  You can check out where to get these bits from here.  I also put together a video run through of this conversion kit.

Any comments on the builds and work load are welcome.  Next post will hopefully show some painting progress.


DOC out

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