Friday, 14 October 2016

Arming for The Cypra Incident, Waaaghh! Bluddtoof; Koptas and Rokkits

Hi All

Bluddtoof here with a quick update on my newly finished Ork reinforcements for our narrative campaign; "Birth of The Beast, The Cypra Incident".
Our next mission is number 3; "Running the Gorklet" where Doc is going to be driving a convoy of light Guard vehicles down the length of 3 6' boards past lots of Ork sentry positions and with the potential for pursuers catching him if he goes too slow!
His force will comprise all the survivors from mission 2 and a further 1000 pts of mechanised guard.
I'll be fielding 500 pts on each board, on the first board are sleepy sentries just waking to the alarms from camp, for this I needed a new boss and a rokkit toting boy.
Table 2 will be fast stuff reacting quickly to the threat and I'll need some Koptas for that.
Board 3 will have much slower and heavier stuff all of which I already have painted.
So pics of the new stuff...

The really good thing about this campaign is that it's proved to be an excellent source of  motivation to both of us to get us painting stuff; Doc's army is entirely new or re-painting of old stuff and for me I'm painting models that have sat built and waiting on shelves and in boxes, for years in some cases! We both committed to having new stuff for every mission. For me the big push will be to complete the Dread Mob I've been threatening for years!

Looking forward to the mission, stay tuned for updates on prep from Doc and a bat rep of mission 3.


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