Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Dread-Full December Major Step Forward Hellbrute and Small Step Forward Contemptor

Hi All

So as I write I have made significant progress on the Hellbrute in particular and wanted to show the work off as part of our event.  Since the last post I completed the basic colours which is the bulk of the work for this model and washed the majority of the model with agrax earthshade.

Some of the metal areas I have used Nuln Oil as appropriate. After leaving for a full day to dry the highlighting commenced.  For a while now I have tried to get a nice dark line between the pad edges and the inner section on all space marine trim style models before adding a clear inner line highlight.  This looks striking but takes patience.  Anyway your thinking pictures so here is the Hellbrute so far:

So I have enlarge the pictures to full size and you can probably instantly notice the front is highlighted and the back isn't!  I will finish that for next post.  The other thing I'm mulling over is whether to verdi some of the gold or not?  Thoughts on that are most welcome?  I will also need to highlight the gold trim across the model.  If I haven't mentioned it before the square hole at the back will hold a small dice to show hull points.

Here is another shot showing the Hellbrute with other models within my fledgling chaos marine army.

The original thought for the colour scheme was actually pre heresy thousand sons.  Although clearly this isn't a pre heresy army.  An argument could be made for a Khorne flavour to the army due to the colour scheme.  As yet however I haven't settled on a name, background and so on.  

Lastly a quick look at my second dreadfull December entry my contemptor:

In my earlier post on the contemptor I showed how I have magnetized the arms.  So just to add to my workload I have purchased these.....

This will allow me to field the dread as a Mortis pattern should I feel that is a better option.  Anyway ill be back in a few days with a further update.

DOC Out 

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