Saturday, 21 January 2012

Red Mist Descends

Hi Code Fans,

Red Mist here for his first blog outing. As you know were all building up to SVAXII and I'm busy painting transports for my beloved Catachan 7th Imperial Guard Army (Dutch's Desperadoes).

The men are all done bar one and I'm now on to Chimeras for my vets, IG never leave home without them. Attached are some WIP so far, got 3 do do in total. Have just finished a manticore and a converted Hydra, will upload some pics of these soon.

What you might not know is that I also collect a Necron army, DOC and myself decided to pool our armies and build them up together so we can get all the options covered as well as saving us both some cash (times are hard after all), so I've just started work on Imotek the Stormlord (my first Finecast Model) will they stand up to the riggers of playing, I don't know, as them seem very delicate.

To start with the rod weapon of his was bent to buggery... as well as being bent left to right it as also bent front to back. I made the mistake of  showing my wife this and before I knew it she had snapped it clean in two, word of warning finecasts and wifes don't go.

Any way after an hour of glueing, swearing and twisting in hot water I managed to fix it as best I could and here he is ready to paint, oh and the valve of my black spray can broke off when I opened it, joyous.

Well me signing off for now, keep and eye out for more posts and pics soon, the clock is ticking...


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  1. Thanks for getting Imotek up and running and getting first post online