Saturday, 7 January 2012

Crontastic, Converting, Dookie, Lots to Do

Hi All, So everytime i post i do it at 1 hundred miles an hour (NOT TODAY). One of my personality traits is i want it done yesterday alas this runs into my hobby sometimes at the detriment of the quality of what i produce. So im going to try and make an effort to slow down a little both with my blog posts and my figure quality. Although i will never be an eavy metal painter i consider myself a quality journeymen when it comes to painting. However, the first thing i want to talk about is liquid green stuff and how much this will change all our geeks world and speed up stuff (a contradiction to what i said above). So on to the example below is a top down view of a recently built necron immortal as with many models you can clearly see the joint between the shoulder pads and can even see the nicks where it has been clipped off the sprue. (Apoligies about my picture quality a new camera will be along in the summer)
So out came the pot of liquid green stuff and after talking to the GW guy earlier today i just applied it with an old brush in under two mintues.... The result is as follows..
So this picture was taken well the green stuff is still wet. All i have to say is how easy is that and when its dry i can either add some more or file it down... absolute genious product, well done GW. Ok so the post title mentions DOOKIE and for those who dont know its a green day album quite old now but pure punk rock and i love it! For me modelling is as much about the music as the modelling so dust of the old CD's and get them on. In my opinion you cant go far wrong with DOOKIE...... and to open a debate SHE is my favourite track but then they are all good.
So i have to paint two thousand points of Crons by March the 17th for the code's annual trip to SVA in Reading. My main problem is what to take in the army? Thus far ive played three games and yes everone on the tinternet is right a scarab farm is mint. It is however predictable and frankly not why i play 40K to win at all costs. First off SVA is a campaign weekend and more chilled out atmosphere where many fluff armies come out to play. So in the first three games i played i was trying as many units as possible including the much maligned ones! (Destroyers, Deathmarks and Flayed Ones) Ill post some lists as i get it down what i think works for fun and competitiveness. As you can see above i have already built 10 new immortals with Tesla's. This left me with 10 deathmark sniper arms. A waste in my opinion so using a warrior box much cheaper than an immortal box i set about making a deathmark...
So the guy above is built using the following components.. Back, Head, Gun and Gun holding arm from the immortals sprue. Chest and Legs from the warriors sprue. Lots of Green Stuff. Basically you have to take the chest and cut the indent of the back to make it flat. It will then fit to the deathmark back although it will look to small. I just glued it to the centre of the back plate. When it was dry i extended the chest plate carapace with green stuff. I then glued the figure together. When it was dry i made the front half of the shoulder pads with green stuff. Traditionally having been a cut and shut converter this is difficult to get to match the back half of the shoulder pads. Not bad for a first attempt?? So there you go cheaper deathmarks. When ive finished more of them ill post more pictures. Coming soon converted crypteks...... Crons will take the universe we are the oldest DOC


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