Sunday, 13 February 2011


Hi All,

Well ive been watching hypasist scratch build all these fantastic Kans and thought i want to be involved! It's such a cool idea and scratches a geek itch like nothing else!! So i offered to paint up 3 for him, for the upcoming SVA campaign weekend. They are so much fun to paint!! Also he hasnt painted any himself yet.... so im helping develop the colour scheme. No pressure then.....So heres a work in progress shot.

Feedback is more than welcome, I want to develope a simple and effective finish.

Waagh for now

1 comment:

  1. I Like!!

    Good Job DOC! Fits nicely with the existing Deff Skullz paint job, and gives the feeling of a battered mob made up of scrap that as likely to fall apart as kill stuff!

    We'll have to talk the scheme over so I can replicate...

    I'm about to finish the last Kan, and Mega Dreads are in the pipeline to be finished Very soon as well...

    Great work DOC.
    Love it!